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Just when you thought Justin Bieber was getting his shit together and beginning to present a convincing case for his heartthrob status, the 22-year-old singer has gone and transformed his platinum thatch into dreadlocks and, as you can probably guess, the look is pretty far from fleek.

Showing up at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and posting several Instagram shots of his new 'do, the "Sorry" singer perfectly summed up everyone's feelings about his hairy situation with an apt one word caption: "Why."

Why indeed, Bieber, why indeed.

Despite scooping up the award for best male artist at the ceremony, his hairstyle has been the main focus of attention and once again, the young star now finds himself in the middle of a conversation regarding cultural appropriation.

Venting frustrations via social media, some fans lamented that black hairstyles are more than just a trend and cannot simply be culturally appropriated, with one taking to Instagram to comment:

People are annoyed cause when black people wear this style they are stereotyped as druggies and are “unkempt” look at Zendaya for example. She had fake dreads and she was stereotyped, But when people such as JB [...] wears them its suddenly 'the latest trend.’

And others suggested that Bieber has just contributed to "your (unwanted) daily dose of cultural appropriation."

Some folks, however, have simply pitched in to muse over what exactly happened to his hair in the first place, what it looks like most and what, if any, benefits there are.

For example:

1. Grinch Fingers

2. A Toddler's Play-Thing

3. Possibly An Unwell Plant

4. Just, Neigh

What do you think of Bieber's new hair?

Source: Independent


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