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Do you know all the words to Rihanna's new hit "Work"? Chris Hemsworth does! Watch the Thor actor give a poetic reading of the lyrics here:

Just the right amount of depth, don't you think? Only the king of the Norse gods can say the word "haffi" with so much conviction.

Source: Popsugar
Source: Popsugar

The 32-year-old actor did the reading as part of an interview on Nick Grimshaw's show on BBC1 Radio on March 31.

Here's what The Huntsman star had to say about the experience:

"Just drummed up a lot of feelings and emotions and past experiences — that was fun. Makes you want to just get to work, too. Hear that, kids? Get a job."

Good advice, Thor. So, when can we expect Rihanna and Hemsworth to drop their single?

Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY

Can't get enough of good looking guys with accents reading ridiculous lyrics? Here's Benedict Cumberbatch with R. Kelly's "Genius."

What did you think of Chris Hemsworth's 'Work'?

Source: BBC1 via Us Weekly


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