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A new tell-all book about the rise of the Kardashian empire has accused Kris Jenner of holding back Caitlyn's gender reassignment to protect her growing brand.

Kardashian Dynasty, which was penned by Canadian journalist Ian Halperin, claims that a "close family member" told him that Kris emotionally manipulated Caitlyn into Christian therapy and believed she could "bring Bruce right" by encouraging her former partner to pray for guidance.

Kris was married to Bruce Jenner for 22 years
Kris was married to Bruce Jenner for 22 years

Halperin also claimed that family sources told him that Kris feared the truth could "damage" the family brand and that her actions were responsible for delaying Caitlyn's gender re-assignment for decades.

Following Caitlyn's transition, Kris claimed she had no idea her former partner was going to go through with gender reassignment after their divorce, she explained:

"When I met Bruce, he told me that he had done hormones back in the early '80s. This was a conversation that took place in the early '90s. So, what he was telling me happened a decade earlier, and he never really explained it."
Jenner is finally living as the right gender
Jenner is finally living as the right gender

Caitlyn Jenner herself has directly trashed these claims though and says that his former-wife knew all about his desire to transition.

The Kardashian family haven't yet commented on the claims made in the book but a rep has been contacted for comment.

Do you think Kris Jenner is capable of attempting to stop Caitlyn becoming her authentic self?

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