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It's not easy being Kylie Jenner. First, you're born into one of the most high-profile families in the entire world, then your looks are scrutinized throughout your entire adolescence, and then you're constantly hounded by hysterical fans everywhere you go. All while attempting to change your wig every other second of the day.

Yet, it appears that nothing could have prepared King Kylie for what happened just the other day, something that unleashed another tirade of criticism onto her social media channels.

Basically, as the story goes, Kylie was out and about at Nice Guy in Hollywood (which appears to be the only place she frequents in her $300,000 Rolls Royce Ghost these days) on Thursday night when she was apprehended by a young fan. When a girl tried to grab a selfie with her as she waltzed into the joint, Kylizze spun round and glared at her, warning:

"Don't touch me! OK!"
Uh oh! Don't mess with this bitch!
Uh oh! Don't mess with this bitch!

Fury was unleashed on the star for screaming like a deranged banshee into a fan's face, prompting her to stand up for herself via her Twitter account:

Yet, I guess it pays to be persistent if you're a die-hard fan. When Kylie returned to the restaurant a few days later (she practically lives there, as I said), she ran into the same girl again.

Thankfully, this time the Jenner took a deep breath and sucked it up, agreeing to pose with the young lady probably in an effort (let's be real) to get it over and done with asap. Here she is posing for a lil selfie before parading inside the venue to meet some pals:

Source: Splash
Source: Splash
Source: Splash
Source: Splash

It hasn't been an easy few days for the 18-year-old that's for sure. First this, and then a backlash against her lipgloss promo for its glorification of violence, what ever will happen next?

Who is your favorite Kardashian sister?



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