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It's been a bit of a frustrating month to be a non-season pass holding [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) player. Because though the season pass holders have already had time to explore the next major DLC update Outer Rim, the release date for non pass holder was pushed back from March into April, with the full release set for today.

'Outer Rim'

But Outer Rim might be worth the wait, because it's perhaps the best update yet. Whilst Battlefront has many many positive attributes the largest criticism has been the repetitiveness which persists in the open-ended structure, and Outer Rim might not be the stuff your dreams are made of, but it certainly makes things a little more interesting.

Outer Rim is a big download (8GB!) but it brings a lot with it. From redesigned scoreboards with Hero/Villain icons and the much improved multiplayer menu to new Star Cards and weaponry, Outer Rim injects some much needed new elements into the gameplay. Including...

Level Cap

The newest expansion increases the level cap all the way to 60, adding another 10 levels above the previous cap at 50, so it feels more like the game is far from over once you hit 50 (which if you've managed to do already, that's impressive going).

Of course this also effectively raises the difficulty level of the game as players reach higher and higher levels, so you better get grinding.

New Maps

Outer Rim brings three new maps with it introducing new locations, which feature plenty of iconic imagery from the original games and movies: Jabba the Hutt's Throne Room, the Sail Barge Garage, and an industrial area within the planet Sullust.

The first two - the Throne Room and the Garage - are larger maps, featuring plenty of hideaways and tunnels for strategic usage and larger open areas for team fights, whilst the industrial area is a more contained map focusing on confined firefights.

New Heroes

The two new heroes are surprisingly fun to play as, with Outer Rim introducing the Rebel Alliance's Nien Nunb and the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina shooter Greedo on the other side of the conflict with the Empire.

You might have imaged that Greedo would be a little slow on the uptake, and he is, but as you get into it his confidence meter (which is graded on a 1 - 5 scale) rises, and he becomes stronger; with each point rising on the confidence scale raising his precision shot power and grenade strength.

Nien Nunb is a lot of fun too, largely due to the turret he wields which (like Greedo's confidence meter) becomes stronger with each kill. He also boasts a Rapid Pulse Cannon and an Orbital Strike, two very useful (if explosive) items.

Hutt Contracts

Hutt Contracts are a pretty cool new addition, introducing more side goals which you undertake for the infamous Jabba the Hutt. Completing these missions will gain you new weapons and Star Cards, failing them will incur the wrath of Jabba, and affect your position in the Outer Rim territories.

Each Hutt Contract brings it's own set of challenges which you need to complete; for example hitting a certain number of Targeting Rifle Streaks or heavy blaster kills. Once each contract challenge has been completed you'll be able to claim your reward from Jabba.

And Beyond...

The next major DLC pack - Bespin - will be added as an "action-packed experience" and is set to release this summer. Funnily enough it's set within the gas giant planet of Bespin, and will feature the iconic Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back. Hold onto your lightsabers! (And your hands, for that matter).

Following up Bespin in the fall we can finally take on perhaps the most enduring icon of all from the Star Wars universe - the Death Star. EA are keeping pretty quiet about what we can expect to see from the Death Star expansion but it's sure to be something pretty exciting when the legendary weapon (not a moon) appears in Battlefront.

Finally the fourth expansion will land in a year or so, expected "early 2017". Expansion Pack 4 still has its official title yet to be confirmed, and EA says they'll release more details about this over the next few months.

Which 'Star Wars: Battlefront' DLC pack are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below!



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