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Conor Ratliff

Warning: Major Batman V Superman spoilers. Only read if you're not planning on seeing the movie!

In Warner Bros. latest movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we see the Dark Knight square off against the Man of Steel, which sets off a chain of events that result in Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday. But what if I told you that the most misunderstood part of this movie... was actually a line by a very minor character? Enter Perry White, the editor for Metropolis' own Daily Planet newspaper. In one scene, Perry White says,

"Wake up, Smallville!"

Or, at least something along those lines. Everyone took it as an Easter egg for the beloved long running CW show "Smallville", but while it COULD be that, it really isn't.

It's common knowledge among DC comic fans (or, really, ANY comic book fan) that Superman (AKA Clark Kent) grew up in a small Kansas rural community called Smallville. Being the hometown of a co-worker, most people would know

1: Where he grew up

2: His birthday

And we just so happen to see number 1 in effect in the office! So after reading my article, do you still think it was a Smallville refrence, or just common workplace knowledge at work? Let me know!


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