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Karly Rayner

The talented tattoo artist behind Kreatyves Tattoos creates some stunning designs by merging elements of pop culture with geometric shapes and patterns and below are a selection of my favorite movie inspired inks to get you itching for that sweet sting.

Boba Fett

Of course the death star is always on Boba Fett's mind.

What Lies Within

It looks different inside than I remember it!

Studio Ghibli

This artful sleeve incorporating different elements of studio Ghibli's animated beauties is sensational!

A Rough Night For Mickey

I feel you Mickey, I feel you.

Fantasia Meets Little Mermaid

Looks the magician is The Sorcerer's Apprentice was really pissed with Mickey this time!


Every step is a Zelda quest for the lucky owner of this 8-bit ink.

Snes Stunner

This custom foot pedal is every gaming tattoo artist's dream!

Kreatyves is based in Berlin, to see more of his unique work click HERE or HERE.

Which movie character would you consider getting inked?


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