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Sorry Critics But The Fans Just Took Over!

KingsOfTattiyapa is back with another Comedy Sketch!!!

Batman vs Superman The critics vs The Fanboys!! BvS was a Fantastic Movie and to show support we have made this Comedy Sketch! In this Video we have Depicted the Reactions of The Critics, The Fanboys and Normal People to some of the Epic Scenes in the Movie!

The critics were too harsh on this particular movie but it had no sense because the Fans were so supportive that they didn’t give a damn about the Critics!! This video is about the Honest feelings about the Critics that they liked the Movie but didn’t want to or rather were Paid not to express it.

The Normal people were those beings who were there particularly for ‘THE BATMAN SUPERMAN FIGHT’ and they had no idea about the other DC characters except the Extremely Gorgeous WONDER WOMAN!!

FAN BOYS they were just phenomenal in expressing their Feelings and Emotions in the Premiers itself and knew each and every minute details of the film.In True Sense they understood the movie; Were too satisfied and proud fans!!!!

AND this video is all about the fan boys who don’t give a damn about what the critics say


Hope you enjoy our Video and Share to show Support for BvS as well as KingsOfTattiyapa!!

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