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Adrian Varnavas Diakidis

Since the debute of the Flash TV series in 2014, Barry Allens name has been spoken like never before. The mix of excitment and success of the new series brought fans a new look at one of the most popular superheroes, and the actor Grant Gustin certainly did the role justice. And then on top of that, we got an announcment for the future Flash movie, planned to premier in 2018. However, a different actor was announced for the role, passing down the speedster's suit to Ezra Miller.

This has caused controversy amongst fans, for most were highly dissapointed that Grant Gustin could not take his speed to the big screen. Hate for the newly cast actor has grown, but as always there were the fans who sprang to Millers defence.

So as a fan of Ezra Miller, and to his defence, I would like to expand on a few points:

1. Grant Gustin cannot legally move to play the Flash for the Warner Bros studios, because legally he is working for the CW. Even after the recent studio crossover of the CW(Flash) and CBS(Supergirl), it is not possible for the actor to move up and share his character on both the big and the small screen.

2. Fans have complained that the actor looks nothing like the comic book character. In responce to that I would actually like to point out that neither does Grant Gustin, and he is still an amazing Flash. Aquaman actor also does not meet his comic book counterpart, but we are sure he will be great on the big screen. In addition to that, we are sure that Ezra will not appear with a beard and a ponytail. Also do not judge a book by its cover.

3. In addition to that people say that Ezra does not fit the character. I would like to remind that Ezra Miller is an actor, and their job is to change their character to fit their tv or cinematic personality. It does not mean that he will play the flash with his Ezra Miller real life characteristics. Also lets not forget that Ezra Miller is an amazing actor who has taken on a few iconic performances such as "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

4. Later on people have been commenting about his body type. Ezra Miller does fit the height of the flash but some say he is too thin and not mascular enough. However Miller seems to have been working on that, for lately he seems to have bulked up a bit.

To conclude, we should definetly not judge by now. We can wait at least until we have a trailer, since a 5 second viewing of him in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, is not to be believed as good enough. I think people should give Ezra Miller a chance, and not judge when we have no material to critisize. I am sure that he will put up a fight for the role, and I do believe in him.


Do you think Ezra Miller will be a good Flash?


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