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There will be spoilers up ahead on the last episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead. So be careful!

If you have seen the latest episode of the Walking Dead, then you know that somebody was killed by Negan in the very last scene. But who it was, we don't know. We just have to wait on season 7, that premieres in October.

But I have a theory on who it can be. But first we can take a look on the last scene of the season:

If you look on the light on Negans face in the beginning (around 0:02) when he's talking to Rick and then look on the light on his face just before he's swinging Lucille (around 1:45). You will see that his left side (POV) of his face is darker than it was in the beginning. So that means that he probably has gone to the right.

Which mean that he has gone to the left side of Rick (POV). And on that side we have Sasha, Carl, Eugene and Aaron.

So which one of these four characters do you think is the one who got a taste of Lucille?


Which one of these four characters died in the season-finale of season 6?


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