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“The big question on everybody’s lips is: Why Rebirth? And why now?”

Dan Didio was not wrong. There’s been so much talk about the creative forces behind DC since the New 52 launch, and most of it negative.

“Sometimes what happens, and you can feel it now, sometimes you lose your way a little bit. Sometimes you get a little lost and sometimes we lose our connection inside of our fans.”

Last year, DC You attempted to partially relaunch the line and seems to have failed to reinvigorate the core fan base. So why in the blue hell would another relaunch help matters?

“We had a little teaser piece that ran before this all started. And what we talked about was about the New 52 and everything, but something was missing. And something was missing. And you felt it. And after a while we started to feel it too. “

It seems DC has finally gotten the hint when it comes to fan backlash at the New 52. Geoff Johns, and everybody else really, seems just so passionate about what they’re doing and what they’ve done. It’s hard for me to imagine the “out-of-touch Neanderthals”, that the internet has made them out to be, when I look at Dan, Jim, and Geoff on stage. It’s easy to judge when you don’t see the face behind the product, the heart and drive that these people so obviously have. In fact, I truly believe Dan when he said:

“And the whole purpose of Rebirth today, what we’re going to give to you is show you our recommitment to you, the fans. That our dedication to our characters, and ideas and what this is about is to show you that we care as much as you do about these characters.”

So the real question is, not why or how, but what can we expect from Rebirth? Here is our take on some of the most popular characters

The Bat-Family
Superman and Wonder Woman

Justice League



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