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Until about a year ago, the fans of the genre had to dispassionately wait for the summer or a particular holiday season, so that they could catch their treasured 'Superheroes' on the big-screen for either a sequel, reboot or whatsover.

But starting from this year, its a year of 'Superheroes'.

Well believe it or not, in the next three years we are gonna see around 25-freaking superhero ventures (we're in for a treat), with about 8 movies releasing this year itself.

Well Deadpool started off with this movement and turned out to be a critical as well as a commercial success, Dawn of Justice followed and though it turned out to be critical let-down, it's roaring at the box-office......and now comes 'Captain America:Civil War'

'Civil War' for obvious reasons is one-of-most-anticipated movies of the year and one of Marvel's major event that will eventually kick-off with the phase 3 of MCU.

'Civil War' is also believed to change the face of the MCU and it's surely gonna give it a new direction.

So evidently, when such a colossal Marvel movie is about to release, it's quite normal for Marvel Theorists to have over-night sessions so that they can devise certain theories that could be so convincing that the writers' won't mind a change of script if given a chance..

It's quite surprising that these theorists never fail to bewilder.

So without further ado here are the three possible 'how-civil-war-is-gonna-end' theories:

Cap surrenders and is taken to prison..

This is not what Steve Rogers would want and would be surely against his morale, but this is the most backed theory and is the most probable. According to this theory, Steve at a certain point would feel that this was all unnecessary and he would eventually surrender which obviously would land him in prison

Well it's better than killing him of course....

Cap dies and Bucky is the new Cap in town...

If the writers' show enough guts (which I doubt), then this is exactly how 'Civil War' is gonna end. As of now there is no substantial proof that shows the movie is gonna stay loyal to it's comic roots, and only time will tell..

Keeping in mind that Chris Evans's contract is about to expire and that Marvel has signed Sebastian Stan (Bucky) for a nine-movie contract it's possibly that......Well, you know where I am getting at, don't you?

Both the sides were being played all along..

Keeping in mind that the main antagonist in 'Civil War' is Baron Zemo and that he is known for despising superheroes is kinda suggestive ( he goes outta his way, when he sways public opinion on superheroes as he makes his men masquerade as superheroes and creates chaos).

There is a possibility that he somehow senses a breeze of disharmony in the Avengers camp and uses it to orchestrate the conflict. Well he surely would need an inside man for that. But as I said it is indeed suggestive..

Well what do you think?


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