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Did you hear that epic thud? That was the sound of Deadpool's superhero landing as he smashed down on a mountain of bills following the movie's unpredictably brilliant box office run.

The world watched in astonishment as Fox's Deadpool continued to break record after record since its release back in February and, as the movie brings in a final $3.5 million on its closing weekend, it's safe to say the studio may be able to afford another "Big house" after all.

Raking in a grand total of $749 million worldwide, Deadpool has surpassed X-Men: Days Of Future Past, making it the highest grossing X-Men movie of all time. All this with an R-rating AND no paycheck from China. That's pretty damn impressive!

Guess we all know who's going to be touching themselves tonight, right? *Cough*Fox*Cough*

Thankfully, there's not too long to wait until you too can touch yourself at your leisure. Three days ago Ryan Reynolds announced that the DVD and Blu-ray versions will be available from May 10th!

Will you buy 'Deadpool' on DVD/Blu-ray?

Source: Forbes


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