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With 5 new TV spot's coming out, our knowledge and predictions of Captain America Civil War have grown further.

Check out TV spot #5 below ->

Since the first Avenger's movie, we've known that Tony and the Cap have never got along or completely agree with everything. In this TV spot, Tony was unsure about what side he was on, as we hear Falcon say, "How long are you gonna play both sides?" Obviously Tony has to chose which side he is for eventually, and that side is against Steve.

Neither Tony or Bucky are messing around though. Tony clearly states that he will do whatever needs to be done, most likely hinting that he will kill Bucky, and possibly Steve if he needs to. However, he's not the only one planning on killing, as we already know that Bucky tried shooting Tony.

And we can never look past the fact that Black Panther is testing Captain America. We can mostly infer that the vibranium suit is probably giving him some strength to challenge Captain America and pull down his shield, otherwise Captain America could most likely throw him off. Black Panther could be a very effective character for Tony's team.

A few other notable things:

James Rhodes is still working in the army or for shield due to the fact that we spot him with the other soldiers at the arrest of Bucky Barnes.

Black Widow and Hawkeye may be fighting each other, but they aren't fighting to kill, they're fighting due to difference of opinion, and it's not as serious as the fight between Steve and Tony, or Bucky and Tony.

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