ByRui Pereira, writer at
Rui Pereira

So, after reviewing Episode 16 season 6 on The Walking Dead with a friend, we noticed some little details that can "kill" all the hype about Glenn or Abraham being killed by Negan.

After Rick's crew was captured by Negan, they were lined up in front of the RV. As they arrive to the RV, the camera is above and we can see the RV and Eugene already kneeling.

In the end of Negan's speach, we can see his shadow being casted and going across from left to right on Rick's face (i couldn't include video, but you can rewatch the episode to confirm)

When he goes for the kill, he chooses someone that is on right side of Rick, and guess who they are?!

  • Sasha
  • Aaron
  • Carl
  • Eugene.

So, after making this discovery i knew that Glenn and Abraham are safe. Do you think, me and my friend are correct?


Who do you think will be the one killed by Negan?


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