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Finally, after almost a couple of years of continued hype, the “dawn” happens…

Only to face a large chunk of criticism, bias and online bashing! But parallely, an undisputed support from die-hard fans, making the movie #1 in the world for two consecutive weekends as of now!

About me? Let me be crystal clear about me and my opinions!

I am neither a critic, nor a biased asshat! I am neither a die-hard Marvel fan, nor a die-hard DC fan. I am neutral. I am, what its called? Yes! Undisputed! Yet I watch superhero movies? Why? To be inspired.

Because, at the end of the day, that’s what superheroes do! INSPIRE! Inspire me to be something greater. Inspire me for a purpose to live. Inspire to be the embodiment of best of both universes!

This post contain spoilers. If you are yet to watch this movie, your race of reading ends here! If you are still eager to go ahead… Well, that’s upto you!

The basic jist of the movie : 18 months after the incident of Man Of Steel, when Superman fought General Zod and almost brought down Metropolis, he is now questioned about what he should do to the Government! And in the meantime, LexCorp CEO Lex Luthor keeps doing everything in his power to dethrone Superman. Finally, Batman, fearing his God-like powers, takes on Superman, only to find that the world is in danger of a bigger threat.

Batman V. Superman : Dawn Of Justice movie starts with a small amount of time with an important background of Bruce Wayne. The important background being, his parents being shot in the alleyway and his character development. Director Zack Snyder chose this small time to display the name of the movie, the main cast and crew along with a plan of keeping audiences hooked up with this subplot. The artistic touch of the director and the editing is fantastic in my opinion. And then comes the main movie, starting at Metropolis, 18 months after the big incident of Man Of Steel.

For once, let us forget about Superman and concentrate on Bruce Wayne/Batman.

It’s a giant theme. A great character development in a movie which was supposed to be a sequel for Superman himself. Bruce’s fall from humanity and his descent into darkness starts when he loses his parents at such a young age. The pain and helplessness he experiences when he lost his parents is the same kind when his office people are dying in front of him at Metropolis. And there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

Alfred’s quote – “That’s how it starts. The fever… The rage… The feeling of powerlessness, that turns good men… cruel!” is not a dumb line. It’s a point, proving the fact that Bruce experiences bizarre nightmares. During the fight between Superman and General Zod, countless of his employees and friends die right in front of him as collateral damage. When Bruce saves the little girl from the rubble, he finds out that the girl’s mother is still in the destroyed Wayne Enterprises building. He looks up and see Superman and his unlimited power for the first time. The look on his face was the feeling of total helplessness as he sits there unable to do anything to turn the tides. It is then, in my view, his mentality shifts, he starts wearing his cape and cowl and goes on a rampage of branding criminals and almost beating them to death. He feels that no men are good enough to earn mercy.

Bruce always thought that Batman and his moral codes was the solution to every problem. But when Superman is introduced in his world, he finally understands that his morals, his codes won’t be enough. It’s not just about beating and branding criminals anymore. In order to make a real change in the world with advancing threats, he has to denounce his “Beautiful Lie” and become a part of something greater.

Yes, I find some people complaining about Batman on a killing spree, or the fact that Clark and Bruce sharing the same mother’s name is a joke. Well, not to me. When it comes about mother, it’s you versus the whole world for your mother. That’s the truth. And no joke can defy it. Bruce knowing Clark’s mother’s name “Martha” is a turning point of the movie. It’s when he finally begins to regain his humanity which was constantly in the dark. This scene doesn’t just show a familiar connection between the two characters. It also shows Superman’s humanity to Batman. It portrays that Superman is not the enemy. And most importantly it reminds Batman of his own humanity which he had lost. His and Clark’s mother’s name being the same, makes Bruce feel the fact that no one should experience the helplessness of losing their parents anymore like the way he did. His change of conscience is, as a matter of fact, an extending hand of help to Superman to join forces against the evilish plans of Lex Luthor. Bruce making a mentality change by not branding Lex at the end of the movie and sparing him is because he already knows by that time what purpose awaits him after his encounter with Superman and Wonder Woman. And that’s where, the movie wins for me.

To be very frank and honest, Lex’s portrayal by Jesse Eisenberg is kind of funny as well as dangerous. His ideas of branding Superman as villain with simple yet dangerous efforts are well displayed. He is a man of many hidden faces. By the time he faces the hard fact that making the “God versus Man” fight won’t help him, he creates something bigger to keep Superman at bay while a dream of ruling is under implementation. What he never saw coming, is the fact that world’s finest will join forces. That’s a start!

The highest point of the movie : Seeing Wonder Woman in action. That too with Superman and Batman… For the first freaking time! Fans all over the world, put all your whining aside against this movie, because finally DC and Warner Bros gave us something which fans longed to see on the big screen for 75 damn years. The “TRINITY” together! And along with that, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL’s score “Is She With You” creates magic. Her dramatic entry, fighting Doomsday, using her Lasso Of Truth… What more can fans crave for? That too in a 2 hour 31 minutes movie?

Let me tell you where Batman V. Superman went right. It was right about small subplots throughout the first half, making audience gain momentum for the big fight between Batman and Superman. It was right about character portrayals and development. It was right about casting. It was right about story. Right about editing. Then where did it go wrong? To me… It went wrong in the TITLE of the movie. Being a comic book/superhero fan, it’s quite understandable to me how fans all over the world will be hyped to be a part of an epic gladiator match. But you can’t have all of it in a 153 minutes movie. There’s Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Diana, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor along with the regular characters of Superman, Clark Kent, Martha Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White. Also there’s a small scene of Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. What’s not understandable is the bitching. One has to compromise. One has to be patient enough to see every characters one by one. Just one movie is not going to quench thirst. Even Marvel Studios never came up with the idea of Thanos and Infinity Stones within Iron Man or Captain America standalone movies during Phase 1. Fans waited for it, everyone should too. That’s how it works folks. Rushing up for something never helped, never will.

I am a comic book nerd. I am a movie nerd. I am a superhero fanatic. I follow popular storylines. It was a sheer moment of joy and nerdgasm for me when I can connect the dots and pinpoint the storyline. And that’s where Snyder wins for me. Apart from the royal scenes from the popular storyline “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS” by Frank Miller, his easter eggs for “INJUSTICE” and “THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN” storyline freaks me. Superman’s death in the end gives us a perfect portrayal of a tagline I came by long ago – “In a world with no Superman, will there be a need for Batman?” And that’s what needed to be answered. I patiently wait. All of us should.

This post may already be too long, but, I cannot complete it without telling a good old fanbase to keep Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy at bay. This is not about Nolan’s vision anymore. I am aware of the fact that Nolan is a genius and with his own visions of real life Gotham, realistic corruption, cold blooded murderers, brought Batman back to life when it was completely unexpected. Christian Bale was best as per Nolan’s storyline, but not for this. Ben Affleck is more than perfect for this and I say this, because I knew he is one fine actor who can bring the dark side of Bruce Wayne and the battling side of Batman together on screen perfectly. He did. And he wins. Big Time. Ding! :)

Let us close this up for now. You may ask me what I learnt. How was I inspired. I tell you. Every small things can be inspiring. Even the end of the movie where Bruce shares his speech with Diana in front of Kal’s grave –

Men are still good. We fight, we kill, we betray one another. But we can rebuild. We can do better. We will. We have to.


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