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You know when I first saw this episode I was like OK I can do this they’re not going to kill anyone in the group. But as I watched Negans group kept blocking Rick's group. At first I thought that they were trying to capture another group but then I realized very quickly they wanted Rick's group. Poor Maggie is suffering a miscarriage. She doesn’t need this drama. When Eugene was in charge of the bus i knew that was a bad idea. He's still weak and still needs to learn, but in the end he got captured as well. At the very ending Negan was talking low. My TV volume was not up loud enough to hear what he was saying. So i assumed it was Rick. But then I went back and listened. Negan told his group that if anyone makes any movement or gets out of line to feed the father his sons other eye. Now I don’t think it was Glenn that gets bashed because then you would hear Maggie scream Glenn's name or something. Plus if it was Maggie you would hear Glenn jump in. So I think Glenn, Maggie, Carl and Rick are safe. It’s the worse ending to the walking dead over the past 6 seasons, I must say. They never left us hanging like this. Obviously they’re not going by the comic books on some parts because Glenn would have died by now and Sophia isn’t even alive. Since Sofia isn’t a live Eden took her place. They may follow some parts but not much anymore. Which is nice in a way because then you don’t know every move in the show as you would in the comics. I wonder is Rick is going to make a deal with Negan or if they’re going to pack their bags and abandon Alexandria and start over. Cause either way Rick’s group is out numbered. His town doesn’t know how to really fight. Only his main people do because they been through it so many times already. But if he makes the deal then Rick’s group will mainly be Negan’s bitch. I know Rick will not be OK with that at all. Rick is so shocked, shaken, scared and terrified right now that he doesn’t know what to do. He does know that if he does make a move then he and his group will be deal. Carl should have stayed behind because he doesn’t need this. This poor kid doesn’t need this at all. Negan should of let some of the group goes but that wouldn’t be right either. Not at all. So having the whole group watch while he beats the shit out of one of their group members if not killing them is a lesson learned in Negans eyes.

People are speculating that it’s Daryl. In all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised. At least he outlived his brother. Daryl is the ass kicker in the group. But someone always has to die. Remember when Beth died. Everyone was heartbroken even Daryl. He became so close with her that he loved and missed her. Though he probably wanted her gone at times he regrets that. He never shows any emotion really. Always has that poker face. If he does die though and I people say they will riot. I thought about that myself but you know I am just so curious about what will happen to the rest of the group. So I don’t think I could abandon the show just because they killed Daryl.

Abraham told Sasha he wouldn’t mind having a baby like Glenn and Maggie did. I also wonder how Rosita will react to this, since they been inseparable for the longest time and all of sudden he starts having feelings for Sasha because he realized Rosita wasn’t the only woman on the earth anymore. I wonder if it even is a good idea still to bring another baby into the world. After what the group has gone through with Lori being pregnant and then she died and now Maggie pregnant and it looks like it’s killing her. It just doesn’t seem right. But hey they will do what they want. First of all they need to get rid of Negan and his crew of brain washed f*ckers in order to be happy and safe again. As long as he’s walking the earth then no one is safe even Hill Top.

Morgan and Carol seem to bum heads all the time. When the one guy shot her in the arm and then leg I thought he was going to walk away and leave her to die. But he didn’t he was going to shoot her until Morgan came and shot him. I know she wanted him to kill her. She didn’t want to keep going anymore. I guess everything got to her. She doesn’t want to kill people anymore only walkers. It eats at her every day. It would do the same to me too. There’s not many people left in the world and what should be happening is everyone should work together but it doesn’t work like that anymore.

I wonder how the rest of the town will react when the group doesn’t come back especially Michonne, Glenn and Daryl. Since they were the first people to leave. Well in honesty I wonder if anyone is going to come back. Rick has to though he has his little girl there. But what are your thoughts to this?


Who do you Negan is beating with the bat?


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