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I Will Be Discussing Spoilers For The Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead, You've Ben Warned (But to be honest there's not much to spoil anyway.)

So The Walking Dead's 6th season ended last night after months of anticipation. And chances are if you were watching last night, you were yelling something along the lines of this by the end:

Yes many fans were highly disappointed with the season 6 finale, for reasons that are completely understandable. Ending on a cliff hanger like that is bound to cause some major uproar from the fans. Want to relieve the disappointment, or have you just not seen the scene yet? Take a quick look:

That last scene is pretty much how the season ends, classic cliffhanger, and fans are not happy, with the video on Youtube having a 80% dislike count. You might see this as an overreaction, but the thing is, The Walking Dead is no stranger to cliffhangers. Whether it was the season finale, mid-season finale, or even just a regular episode, many times has this show left off fans waiting for more. But why is it so different now? My view is that it wasn't necessarily the scene itself, it's how the whole thing was marketed before hand.

Me thinking about AMC's amateurish marketing
Me thinking about AMC's amateurish marketing

Fans lost their minds when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as the bat-wielding psycho. But that is where they first messed up. When he was cast, it was said that he would appear in the finale. The smart move would've been saying that he would appear in season seven, or at the very least not say he would appear in the finale at all. Why? Well that way not only would fans be surprised by his arrival, but they wouldn't have built all this hype and anticipation for this moment. Nine times out of ten, the hype leading up to a certain event never meets fan expectations. Imagine how much more of an impact it would've had to see Negan show up out of nowhere and surprise us.

But by letting them build this since the mid-season premier, they shot themselves in the foot long before the actual finale aired. But let's touch on that.

While the Morgan/Carol parts felt like padding, the rest was well done. The episode to some might've just seemed like the gang purely driving around, well that's because it was. However, I feel it was done effectively. The episode started with good old confident Rick and ended with him on his knees. The in-between showing that they bit off more than they can chew, with The Saviors slowly closing them in, and making it feel like the walls are closing in on our heroes. Once we see our crew lined up, we know that someone is going to pay the price. Once Negan begins his count of eeny meeny miney moe, and the camera goes out of sync with what he's saying and there's no telling who will be meeting Lucille.

He finally lands on someone, and we see it from that person's POV, and as he or she is struck down blood drips in front of the camera. Then, black.

...what? I don't know who thought this would be a good way to end things off, but they really need to be fired. The reason this is so bad, is that by the time season seven begins, mostly all the the dread and fear as to who died will be gone. It would have had so much more of an impact to see who died, and see our crews horrified reactions, and then it ends. That way we leave with a sad, scarred, but satisfied conclusion. Not some ploy to try and make sure fans will watch next season to see who dies. This show has had its ups and downs, but this is one of its biggest flops.

What do you think though? Was AMC right in doing this? Or do you feel they should've shown who it was? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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