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The term "interim title holder" sounds a little... Fake. Like the owner of the title, isn't really the title holder. The holder of said title is just a placeholder until the REAL title holder decides to come back and give fighters in the division a chance at the actual belt.

Frankie Edgar is one of the fighters that thinks an "interim title" is nothing more than B.S. He spoke to Fox Sports about his upcoming "interim fight" with Jose Aldo at UFC 200.

"Let's just call it the No. 1 contender belt cause that's what it really is. But I'll play the game. They did it for Conor, they gave him a belt and if I've got to play the whole Conor game to make sure I get this fight, I'm OK with it."

The fight between Edgar and Aldo might be a fight to decide who the true featherweight contender is, but it could mean more to the division than we're expecting it to. Mostly due to the fact that Edgar is pretty sure they actual featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, won't return to defend his title, win or lose to Nate Diaz.

"I don't know. I don't think so. I don't know if a win will make him come back, maybe a loss he'd have to come back. Two losses in a row that's supposedly up two weight classes -- it's 155-pounders not wanting to cut weight is what it really is. He'll lose a lot of that value I think."

And losses don't equal a return:

"The more losses you tack on -- you're going to have a champion come back after a two-loss stint up a weight class? It just doesn't all add up to me."

Keep in mind that the rematch with Diaz is a non-title fight... Again. With a win, it could give that iconic McGregor ego a boost and make him want to shoot for an actual title at 170 pounds. If he loses, dropping back down to 145 might prove to be tougher than McGregor counted on. It could mean that he drops down slightly and goes after a lightweight title. OR, McGregor DOES lose the weight and drops down to 145 and gives up his dream of total belt domination and is just content with being the featherweight guy for the rest of his career. Who knows?

It should be added that regardless of what Edgar thinks, UFC president Dana White has started, unequivocally, that "win, lose or draw" McGregor's next fight after Diaz will be a title fight in the featherweight division. So whatever happens against Diaz, McGregor might not have that much of a say in the matter.



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