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Final Fantasy 7 is unlike any video game I've ever played. It's so unique. The story is incredibly original, and you'll become very attached to the characters. Also, the game play is addictive and well-thought out. Let me explain!

Final Fantasy 7 takes place in a world called Gaia, where it's close to the verge of its own destruction. In a dark and dreary city, Midgar, an evil electrical corporation saps up the world's life force to empower their military. They're called Shinra, while they attempt to rule the world with their military. Sensing the doom of the world, an ex-solider named Cloud Strife stands with a band of revolutionaries dubbed, AVALANCHE. All throughout Gaia, Cloud and his friends travel to stop Shinra. Only to get in the way of a former friend Sephiroth. Whom plans to punish all life on Gaia by harnessing it's Mako energy. Out of all the games I've played, Final Fantasy 7 is among one of the most interesting story wise. I just think these writers are fantastic and very creative. The story deals with the theme of man versus god and nature. And until the remake of Final Fantasy 7, the player will have to read through each character's dialogue to get a grasp of what point the writers are trying to get across. But I think it's highly worth it!

Final Fantasy 7 contains quite a collection of memorable characters. As you read the dialogue, you'll get invested. And you'll will grow attached to each one. We have Cloud Strife, the main protagonist. Cloud is an ex-soldier from Shinra's program, SOLDIER. Cloud is a master swordsman who is somewhat arrogant and aloof. He has broken memories of his past due to amnesia. Cloud is joined by his sexy fist fighter childhood friend, Tifa Lockhart. Tifa is a feint brawler. She defeats enemies with fistfuls of powerful strikes. She grew up in the same town as Cloud, and joined AVALANCHE to avenge her family who were slain by the evil Sephiroth. Final Fantasy 7 has much more characters for the player to meet and develop attachments to. You will have your heart uplifted and even broken by the triumphs and tragedies of these heroes. If I were to describe each character, it would probably take a couple of hours.

Final Fantasy 7's gameplay is amazingly addictive and well-thought out! It's a turn based role playing game. You explore cities and towns all over Gaia, and battle. In each battle you are given turns to attack the enemy, protect a party member, and level up your character's status. As you defeat an enemy, you pick up items like potions and money. Each character has different fighting styles with different types of weapons. For instance, Cloud is a swordsman. So, you would equip him with any sword for combat. In this game you can power up your weapons with magical gems called, Materia. Material also gives you the ability to perform magical attacks such as lightning, ice, or fire. Or you could strategize by using magic to heal your party. In this form of a video game, you really have to think and plan your strategies carefully. Once you die, you end up back where you last saved. So, you'd better keep leveling up your party members to make boss battles easier. It's so fun and addicting! I sometimes end up playing for hours on end!

Final Fantasy 7 is unlike any video game I've ever played. The story is one of the most original I've ever come across. The characters are amazing, and lovable. And the gameplay is well-thought out and addictive. I can honestly say that Final Fantasy 7 is the absolute best video game I've ever played! So I give this game a 10 out of 10. If you have a Playstation 4, you can download it for a reasonable price of $15. I highly recommend you go to the Playstation store, and try out this amazing work of art! Final Fantasy 7 is rated T for teens.


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