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So a few days ago, Pixar released a video. The video said that they loved easter eggs and this is evident because of the Pizza Planet truck, the Luxo Ball, and the A113 code appearing in many of their movies. They then reveal that there was actually a hidden easter egg occurring in Pixar films since 1995. Here's the video:

Hank appeared camouflaged in Toy Story, Inside Out, Up, Monsters University, Ratatouille, and Wall-E. And Hank is going to get his time in the spotlight in Pixar's new movie, Finding Dory, swimming to theaters June 17th. But just to let you know:

This is some bulls**t.

Yeah, you know I also found Randall from Monsters, Inc. and Violet from The Incredibles also appearing in every movie. They were in all of them, right? Just camouflaged.

Look! Look, it's Randall right next to the bear!
Look! Look, it's Randall right next to the bear!

Just so you know—it was an April Fools' joke. The video was uploaded on April 1st and you can't believe anything anyone tells you on April 1st. And if you look at the places they said Hank was, they were clearly pointing at random objects.

See? Obvious joke.

It was still a pretty nice joke. Here's another one of my favorite April Fools' jokes and this is from last year.


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