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Everybody has games they love and hate. Whether it's Call of Duty or Skyrim there is always a game out there for someone. Now, if you are having trouble deciding what games are good and what games are trash, look no further, because these 6 games have totally been hiding from you:

1. 'ARK: Survival Evolved'

(For the love of God, skip to 1:30)

Overall: 9/10

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of those games that looks like it would be really boring when you are gazing at its Steam page, but when you actually decide to buy it and play you get blown away! (Totally rhymed, I'm awesome) Think Minecraft with way better graphics, a shit ton of dinosaurs, torture, leveling up stats, acid spitting, mini-guns, huge multiplayer, bleach drinking, defecating, dinosaur riding, and so much more!

2. 'Valkyria Chronicles'

Overall: 10/10

Valkyria Chronicles is another game that looks very lackluster at first glance! As deceptive as it is, it's actually quite amazing! With anime like cel-shaded graphics, an amazing story, an in-depth strategy driven combat system, and a roster that is over 100 characters where any one of them can permanently die! Talk about crazy story based RPG! (Role-playing game)

3. 'Splatter House'

Overall: 8/10

Splatter House is for those kind of people who have either anger problems, or just really like to beat the living hell out of their enemies. The downside of this game is a kind of lame story, but game play-wise this is downright crazy/fun as hell! You will punch the crap out of tons of abominations, and slice through hordes of creatures. Fluid bloody combos and crazy boss battles will keep you interested all the way through! It can also be a tad bit scary at times, so that's a plus too.

4. 'Bulletstorm'

Overall: 9.5/10

There are a lot of first-person shooters out there, and most of them are all the same. "Go do this" and "have a firefight with these guys." I will tell you that Bulletstorm is not that kind of game. Mix its pretty decent story with some insanely bad ass gun play, and you can't go wrong! Environmental kills, slow-motion kills, kicking, whipping, sliding and all kinds of totally not crazy things to do. It's really better to just show you how this game unfolds so make sure you check out the game play video above.

5. 'Killing Floor' 1 & 2

Overall: Savage/10

If you are looking for a game to make you poop your pants while at the same time kick ass then this is the right game for you! Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 are online, wave based, survival/horror games. You will be literally running for your life screaming like a little girl because you are being chased by a giant zombie freak with a chainsaw, whilst at the same time chopping heads. A huge arsenal of weaponry and a perk system to level up by using certain weapons and completing tasks will keep you playing this game for quite a while.

6. 'Baldur's Gate'

Overall: 9/10

Now let's slow down a bit from those bloody action and shooter games and go to a classic game that defines the RPG category. Baldur's Gate is a very slow paced and very strategic medieval game that involves a lot of classes, races, monsters, drama, romance, leveling up, leveling down (which is super frustrating), and amazing dialogue! It's a very old game and if you're used to newer RPGs it will be tough to get into, but just give it a chance. You don't even have to play it alone because you can invite your friends with their characters instead of other party members.

In Conclusion

There are tons of great games out there that people tend to miss, and these might just be a few of them. Whether you play them or not is up to you, but I can assure you that you will have a hell of a time playing these awesome titles.

Thanks for the read ladies and gents. Ciao!


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