ByMolly Fay, writer at
I'm a 21 year old TV Junkie who likes the colour pink and Shania Twain's album 'Come on Over'.

So, I may have only started watching 'About a Boy' recently due to the fact that David Walton is in it. I love him so much as Sam Sweeney in 'New Girl' that I was thrilled to see on his IMDd that he has a lead role in NBC's 'About a Boy'.

The show is funny, not just a little giggle to yourself funny - Laugh Out Loud funny. It also explores the relationship between Will and Marcus a lot more than the 2002 movie adaptation (although I do love that too.)

When I realised that there was only 2 Seasons of the show made and that it was cancelled in 2015, I was genuinely shocked.

I prowled the internet to look for answers and also opinions. From what I read, viewers seemed disappointed to hear that the show had been cancelled, some people also calling it their 'favourite show'. One woman stated that she wouldn't know what to do with her life after it finished (bit dramatic, but each to their own.)

So, why did a genuinely good TV show, with dedicated viewers, get cancelled?

Also, if you watched 'About a Boy', what did you think?


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