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SpiderDad was created by me, Mike Wilson. My son Jayden was sadly lost his battle to a brain tumor at Christmas, and i've been fundraising i
Official SpiderDad

SpiderMan can somersault like a boss.

The latest video by Mike Wilson's newest Youtube Channel feature his flipping in style in the SpiderMan suit. But this time with a New York Yankees Snapback Cap. As the introduction video to this new Channel, the flip at the beginning looks awesome if i say so myself. If you havent seen it, Go check out the video to find out all what will be happening with the channel.

In other News, SpiderDad has just had confirmation of a film shoot happening on the 24th April in Basingstoke. Keeping this idea close to my chest, but have booked a few friends to help with the shoot. Oh as well as a Major Toy Store as the Location.

More to come as it develops.

Mike aka The SpiderDad

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