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Captain America: Civil War comes out in one month and two days (not that anyone's counting), and fan excitement is through the roof. But with Marvel's summer tentpole so heavily anticipated, it casts a pretty large shadow on Marvel's other 2016 release: Doctor Strange.

Luckily, the past few days have been taken over with photos and videos from the set of Doctor Strange, and it does nothing but make moviegoers even more antsy. After a few intriguing shots of Mads Mikkelsen (and a meme-worthy video of Benedict Cumberbatch jump-flying), everyone's talking about Doctor Strange, including the Russo Bros.

The directors of Captain America: Civil War just headed to Facebook to reveal what side Doctor Strange would be on:

According to Them, Doctor Strange Stands With Cap

Dr. Strange is on #TeamCap

Posted by The Russo Brothers on Monday, April 4, 2016

That's not totally surprising, considering Doctor Strange is all about that liberating lifestyle. For some reason, I doubt Tony would allow high-collared, flowing costumes on his time. No, you can only be on Team Iron Man if you're a robot, you dress up like a robot, your name is inspired by a bug, or you have some weird, emotional grudge with the best friend (and possible lover) of your enemy. Hey, I don't make the rules. Tony does.

Their Revelation Came With a Strange Gif, Too

Get it?  Like Strange?  Because of Doctor Strange?
Get it? Like Strange? Because of Doctor Strange?

Yeah, this is that meme-worthy clip of Benedict Cumberbatch jump-flying. Looks like the Russo Bros agree that he looks like an overly excited kid who just watched Power Rangers. He runs around the house (or airport, in this case) using sheets as capes. Even Hawkeye looks cooler.

But the weirdest part about Doctor Strange being Team Captain America?

Doctor Strange Isn't Supposed to Pick a Side

In the Civil War comics, when everyone was super mad at each other and started fighting, Doctor Strange wasn't part of that. Instead, he went to meditate and hoped to end the war. Either way, it seemed pretty sweet for him. He sat around all day and got to watch everyone tear each other to shreds. Kind of like the people who record the parking lot fist fights rather than play any part in them.


What side do you think Doctor Strange should be on?


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