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I have never played Grand Theft Auto in my life (mainly because I am so bad at video games, it's just sad), but even a clueless person like myself knows who Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V is. I've heard all about his scummy personality as well as his impressively badass skills. From bullets to explosions, nothing can stop Trevor.

It seems the same can be said of the unstoppable Steven Ogg, the actor who voices Trevor in the video game. He portrayed one of Negan's Saviors on The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale episode last night. This means we can add zombies to the list of things this guy isn't afraid of.

Ogg's character is incredibly violent and doesn't bow down in the face of fear. Perhaps these are traits he learned from his character on GTA V.

Trevor can even makes a sundress look badass.
Trevor can even makes a sundress look badass.

Ogg has also appeared on such shows as Better Call Saul and as a perverted locksmith on Broad City. You can also catch him on the TV series Westworld later this year.

He's got that voice that just needs to scream out threats and profanity, and holy crap does he do it well. We most definitely need more of that in our lives.

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