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Some time ago, it was announced that a few new characters had been cast for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff, Marvel's Most Wanted. Along with Adrienne Palicki as Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter, there was also Delroy Lindo as former adventurer Dominic Fortune.

And now, there is word that Oded Fehr and Fernanda Andrade have been cast, but while we got confirmation that Andrade would be playing Christina Santos, niece to Dominic Fortune, there was no news on the specific role that Fehr would play. We only got the delectable hint that he would play “a well-known character from the Marvel comics who will prove a force to be reckoned with”, with the added comment that, "He carries with him a villainous charm that will strike perfectly for this role.”

It occurred to me that there are a number of recognizable roles that Oded Fehr might be the perfect casting choice for, but few rang quite so true as none other than Sergei Kravinoff, also known as Kraven the Hunter. Why Kraven, you ask? After all, there are plenty of folks who (rightfully) thought Fehr would have been perfect casting for the likes of Stephen Strange (the role of the Doctor Strange, which is now filled by the equally suited Benedict Cumberbatch).

Well, if you recall, the recent episode of Agents,called 'Parting Shot', which was Bobbi and Hunter's farewell from the show, had the Agents on the trail of Malick, which led them to a clandestine meeting in Russia. By the end of the episode, Bobbi and Lance sacrifice their own reputations, with a course of actions that leaves them disavowed by SHIELD and thus abandoned by them--in Russia. I think it's safe to say, when Most Wanted gets off the ground, it is very possible that the two of them will start off picking up the pieces--you guessed it--in Russia.

In case you hadn't made the connection...Sergei Kravinoff is Russian. It wouldn't be such a stretch of the imagination that he would cross their Russia. Still, this begs another question: why would they announce the casting of Oded Fehr and Fernanda Andrade within the same press release? It seemed, to me, a sign that the two characters might well have an as-yet-unforeseen connection.

That's right. I believe Andrade has been cast (perfectly, might I add) as the feral superhuman, Tigra. First of all, I've long held the theory that Tigra would be rewritten from her half-scientific, half-magical origins to being an Inhuman, for the purpose of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, it would not be implausible that we would first meet her pre-Terrigenesis (like we met Daisy Johnson before she became Quake). And while Tigra's human name in the comics is Greer Nelson, this does little to change the likelihood of Christina Santos as a cover for Tigra (again, Daisy Johnson started off on Agents as the orphan 'Skye', without even a last name).

There is also the added bonus that Tigra's physiology is based on that of a tiger. She happens to have the strength, speed, agility, senses, reflexes (not to mention, fur, fangs and claws) of a tiger. Old time comics would have placed her in the jungle wilds of Africa, making her more likely to cross paths with the likes of Black Panther than Kraven the Hunter, but in the modern age, we know that here are only a few places in the world where these majestic creatures are known to live natively. And among those few good ol' Mother Russia.

Still, the most fascinating case for Andrade as Tigra (aside from her looking perfect for the part, and that I really, really want Tigra to be a thing on live-action MCU TV), there's the case that I mentioned earlier. The two characters were announced at the very same time, within the very same press release. And for those of you who might not have known, Tigra has a history that goes back with Kraven, even further back than Spider-Man. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, Spider-Man's first encounter with Tigra, is finding her is under the villainous thrall of his enemy Kraven!

That being said, I don't think that we'll get Kraven's arachnid nemesis showing up on Marvel's Most Wanted, nor do I think that we'll ever see Tigra and Kraven in quite this same position, with the chains and all, but I do believe that it would make for epic television to see the villainous hunter Kraven treating the newly Terrigenesis-transformed Tigra as his latest and greatest animal prey!

Of course, I have no proof to back any of this up. This entire article is merely my optimistic attempt to put together pieces, according to what I believe makes sense, and what I believe will make for interesting super-TV. So what do you think of my theory? Let us know in the poll and comments below!


Has Marvel's Most Wanted Cast its Kraven and Tigra?


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