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There once was a time where death didn't occur in comic books. But over the years, it seems the writers have had the desire to dive deeper, adding tragedy and permanent (sometimes temporary) loss to their stories. The deaths that have occurred in comic books over the years have definitely evolved. From loss at the hands of an enemy.... avenging a loved one by eating their murderer's head like it's a boysenberry.

Hank Pym biting the Blob's head clean off!
Hank Pym biting the Blob's head clean off!

I'm sure we can all agree on the fact that comic book deaths have not only gotten weirder, but they've gotten bloodier — much bloodier. If you were never aware of the brutality that comes with certain comic books, well you're about to find out as we check out a couple of the most gruesome deaths in comic books!

1. Daken Kills The Punisher

After Marvel's Secret Invasion, they published a series called Dark Reign, which stood from 2008 to 2009. The series followed the events of Secret Invasion, showing the shift of power in the Marvel Universe towards Norman Osborn. In one of the issues, we see that the Punisher is on Norman Osborn's list of people that he wants dead.

Osborn relentlessly sends men after Castle until the son of Wolverine meets him on a rooftop. While the Punisher may have inflicted a good amount of damage on Daken, the mutant was the one who had the last laugh. In one of the bloodiest matches in Marvel Comics, Daken chops up the Punisher like fresh veggies before leaving him in a vigilante soup. Egh.

2. Sentry Rips Ares In Half

During the 2010 storyline Siege, the emotionally fragile superhero known as Sentry is overcome by the Void. For those of you who don't know, the Void is the dark aspect of Sentry's own powers. It's a powerful, evil, and destructive force that has the potential to destroy the entire universe. That being said, Sentry was overcome by this dark force that lies within him.

While being controlled by the Void, Sentry ripped Ares apart with his bare hands, as other heroes and villains looked on in horror. The death was so gruesome that you could barely make out who Sentry was tearing apart like two squares of toilet paper. Heck, you could barely even tell what he was ripping apart amidst all of the carnage. Speaking of which, he ripped the symbiote possessed serial killer in half too.

3. Midnighter Gores The Commander With a Jack Hammer

In 1999, DC published a series titled The Authority while under the Wildstorm imprint. Created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, this series revolved around a superhero team called the Authority. Two male members of the team, Midnighter and Apollo, were lovers. During a battle, one of their enemies known as the Commander, raped Apollo after he was brutally injured. Not long after, Apollo was able to severely injure the Commander before leaving him in the hands of Midnighter, who mercilessly impaled him with a jackhammer. To Midnighter, revenge is best served with a heavy duty power tool.

4. Old Man Logan Kills The Hulk

During the story arc Old Man Logan, the Hulk's mangy grandchildren murder Wolverine's family and leave them unburied. Enraged, Wolverine unleashes his fury on the Hulk clan, nearly slaughtering them all, until he faces Old Man Banner himself. During their battle, Wolverine is defeated and consumed by the green rage monster. But thanks to Logan's healing factor, he was able to recover while inside of Banner's body before bursting out, killing the Hulk in the process. What can we say? The old man had it coming.

5. The Blob Feasts On The Wasp's Dead Body

From January 2009 to September 2009, Marvel published a limited series titled Ultimatum. Long story short, a lot of messed up things you wouldn't expect to happen happened in just five Issues. For instance, Cyclops decapitates Magneto, Wolverine's adamantium are taken from his bones, Doctor Strange's head explodes after being constricted by Dormammu, and the Blob feasts on the Wasp, even after she drowned. The disgusting mutant you see in the image above tears into Hank Pym's wife without hesitation while muttering, "tastes like chicken."

What are the most gruesome comic book deaths you've ever seen? Tell us below!


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