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This Scandinavian horror-comedy surprises with astounding special effects and an entertaining story line. Playing on old Norwegian folklore of the menacing Troll, this film is well worth the watch - just don't expect anything in the form of true horror.

The film follows a group of Norwegian students investigating the strange deaths of bears throughout the region. Their search soon leads them on the track of Hans, a secretive hunter whom appears to be the root cause of the mysterious deaths. Ever reluctant to aid the students, Hans finally gives in to their persistent requests and opens their eyes to the terrifying fairy tale.

The mockumentary boasts breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia throughout the search for the destructive trolls. Twisting and turning our way through forests and rivers, the superior special effects and natural landscapes never disappointed.

Despite the mesmerizing visuals, the film does drag at points and many of the hints at proper Norwegian folklore will go over the heads of many Westerners (like myself). Without the necessary Norwegian perspective, the comedy can be a bit dry at times as well. Don't expect anything up to the standards of 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil', but these trolls certainly toss any shark themed films out of the way with ease.


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