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I believe without a doubt that Daredevil is the best superhero TV show out there today. Hell, it's even up there with the best TV shows! Shows like Arrow, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD and Super Girl are great shows but they never feel like they stray into new territory. You just sort of know where you are with them.

Much in the same way that The Dark Knight trilogy made movie goers understand that superheroes can be gritty and realistic, Marvel/Netflix have done this with Daredevil. It's a superhero show that doesn't want to just be a superhero show. It wants to be an action movie, it wants to be a law drama, it wants to be an adrenaline thrill ride through our moral compasses. Well it definitely ticks all these boxes.

We are on season 2 now which raised the bar even for a show as excellent as it was. However this does not mean season 1 can be in any way belittled. Season 1 brings you the back story of a character which many people questioned would be suited to a TV experience. It's told with fantastic flashbacks which seamlessly blend into the modern life of a certain Matt Murdoch. A lawyer by day, vigilante by night who just wants to help heal his city. Between Charlie Cox's superb performance and his co-stars Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, you have a show which brings out the best in these young actors. The way Deborahs' character unfolds during the season is amazing and she is an unsung highlight of this show.

Where daredevil stands out though is in the fight scenes, which in season 1 aren't always far from happening (but seriously just wait for the corridor one). They are real and brutal whereas DC tv shows feel a bit too choreographed to be believed nowadays. This also lends itself to another reason why this show is amazing and that's in it's villain Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin). Vincent D'Onofrio makes this character his own and gives possibly the most memorable moments of this season including THAT hard to take death.

With season 1 getting such high acclaim you must have assumed they were a bit stuck on how to top that. Nope. It absolutely blew me away.

There were 2 simple reasons why this season will go down as one of the greats in TV history; The Punisher and Elektra. They took this already brilliant show to a level you can't quite believe. Jon Bernthal may just be Shane from the walking dead to you now but after 13 episodes you'll only know him as The Punisher. It's a testament to his acting ability than in a show called Daredevil, he's the character you'll be talking about come the end of the season. He brings a level of understanding to a complex character and such a raw performance you will wish he had more screen time than he does. He also gives rise to my favorite fight scene I've seen in many years (Let's just say wait for the prison scene!).

Finally, Elektra introduces an air of mystery and sexiness to this show which was missing from season 1. A woman from Matt's past who turns up in the present to cause a lot of change. She probably causes the biggest struggle with Matt's morals of the season and pushes his story forward as well as hers. She fights just as well as you'd expect and when she picks up a certain weapon I had a moment.

Between Elektra, Punisher, Kingpin and Daredevil himself this show can only get better and with the Jessica Jones crossover surely on the horizon, it might be the perfect time to move to Hell's Kitchen.

Bring on season 3.


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