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I love MLP Equestria Girls, I also Like Godzilla, and Digimon etc.
Braden Baum

Go Go Godzilla is going to turn into a live action movie if people actually like my idea of the original Go Go Godzilla which is down below.

From This

To This

Here's what I would say about this "I would like to see Go Go Godzilla as a Live-Action Featured Movie coming fall of 2020." But it might come later than that.

It might actually happen because the director of Godzilla 2014 and the Japanese Director of Gojira (AKA Godzilla) Gareth Edward and Ryuhei Kitamura might work together to make this into a live action movie right now we do not know the date of this it could be early it could be late. Who Knows!


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