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Well, seeing as to how my Unofficial "Spoiler Corner" for "Zootopia" caused 'some' controversey...

I just thought I'd share my concerns with you about the debate on which Disney-owned animation studio is gonna come out on top between their home-grown Walt Disney Animation Studios/Walt Disney Feature Animation or Pixar.

While this isn't as much of an issue, it's just that I feel like Walt Disney Animation Studios is just exploiting their films (Zootopia and Frozen) and letting others (Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph) run their courses then be forgotten about all the while Pixar would go and make (for the most part) sequels.

Now, just to be clear, I'm not saying that Pixar is hurting because they're making mostly sequels (though they probably would be after "Toy Story 4" goes up against "Godzilla 2" and "Jurassic World 2"), it's just...well...

As for Walt Disney Animation Studios, I just think that their exploiting their films so much that it gets to the point where the events of this video would be imitated, multiplied and repeated...

And keep in mind! They're still exploiting "Frozen" to this very day and I'm pretty sure that people have done the same thing when THAT movie came out. Though mostly, you would expect for really little girls to want the merchandise or see the movie god knows how many times or even look at adults who do imitate the actions on the video like they're man-children or woman-children.

Simply put, it's like taking Chris Chan on a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland + Disney's California Adventure.

As for the direction that Walt Disney Animation Studios is taking, it's like they're going in a pattern with their films: Wreck-It Ralph, they let run it's course then not get any more attention, Frozen, they immortalize so it can't die and they just max the credit cards and empty the bank accounts and wallets out of parents who either get all overzealous and never say 'No' to their children (Just the kind of families I expect going on Disney property down in Orlando) or parents whose kids love "Frozen" more than them (Did I mention they were making a sequel to it?), Big Hero 6 runs it's course, doesn't get as much attention and is hated by those who think "Zootopia" is better. Speaking of which "Zootopia" gets too much praise and about as much merchandise and exploitation as "Frozen" that I could go on or write a separate article about.

Though with Disney's films getting more acclaim and Pixar not reaching the status they had in the 2000's, we really are reverting back to the 90's only the films are computer animated instead of hand drawn and it's more shinier and slick than Toy Story, all the shorts and commercials Pixar made before and overly cartoon-y shows made for religious daycare kids with ADHD.

Having said that, there's nothing one or more person can do about it. Disney's gonna keep on making films that will be as beloved as the ones from the Disney Renaissance and Pixar is just gonna make sequels for the next 3 years with some original ones here and there and they will be hurting by the time "Toy Story 4" comes out and bombs going up against 2 of the biggest sequels of the summer of 2018 (though not as big as "Avengers: Infinity War Part 1").

Just as long as people don't behave like the guy in this video...


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