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Sorry for that month long hiatus again lol. Anyways gonna skip "10 Cloverfield Lane" because I try to do spoiler free reviews and I can't really do that for "10 Cloverfield Lane". So let's move onto [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870).

Also I understand the internet is very divided on this movie so please don't get all ragey in the comments and attack me, let's all be civil, this is just my personal opinion.

Brief Spoiler Free Summary

Batman hates Superman because Superman killed a ton of people in "Man of Steel" and he thinks Superman is a threat so the two fight and such. At the same time it seems like the whole world hates Superman even though at the end of "Man of Steel" it seemed he got along with people just fine. Meanwhile Lex Luther does stuff and wants to pit the two against each other and create a monster Doomsday out of a dead Zod. Oh and Wonder Woman is in this.


So Ben Affleck ("Daredevil", "Argo", "Shakespeare in Love", etc) as Batman and while I was honestly strongly against this casting when it was first announced, I actually like Ben Affleck's Batman. Hell I think he's better than Bale...although not by a lot. He does a great Bruce Wayne and a good Batman and probably the second best character in the movie, first being Alfred.

Henry Cavill ("Man of Steel", "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", "Immortals", etc) returns as Superman and he's fully convinced me that he's literally a piece of wood. Nothing about him is special; he's boring, dull and not a very interesting character. I will say though I do like the line in the movie where he says "If I wanted it, you'd be dead already" just to get Batman fans that think Superman would lose to shut up.

Jesse Eisenberg ("The Social Network", "The Living Wake", "Rio", etc) is terrible as Lex Luthor. He is literally one of the worst choices for Lex Luthor. Every scene with this guy is cringey as all hell and at some points of the movie I actually had to turn away from the screen because of how bad he is. Freakin Adam Sandler would be a bett...okay no he wouldn't.

Gal Gadot ("Furious 7", "Date Night", "Knight and Day", etc) as Wonder Woman is just...well I wouldn't say awful but I wouldn't say good or even decent. She's just....mediocre. There's much better options for her but I guess she's better than Megan Fox lol.

The Action

Batman fighting Superman is the best part of the movie. If you came to see Batman fighting Superman and then fighting a TMNT 2014 version of Doomsday alongside Wonder Woman then wait until the movie is out on dvd and look up the fight on Youtube because while those fights were pretty cool overall they're not worth watching the entire movie. Batman fighting random thugs and criminals's just a poorer version of the Arkham Arkham Origins.

The Cons

The film suffers from just being way too long and nothing happens for a majority of it. Also the film suffers from what "Spider-Man 3" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" have and that's stuffing way too much shit into the movie. Seriously there is so much crammed into this movie. Also Lois Lane was just awful in this movie; she and Superman have zero chemistry in this movie and that tub scene....Christ almighty. Oh and Zombie Zod aka Doomsday is just disgustingly bad.

The Verdict

The movie is in my opinion, pretty bad. It has some good things going for it but overall it fails flat and the DC Cinematic Universe seems to be off to a really crappy start. Overall unless you're a hardcore Batman and Superman fan you're not gonna enjoy it. But at the same time I love Batman and I didn't like the movie. Oh well make your own decision on it. Next time I'll be beginning a kinda miniseries on here. For the next three non review blogs I'll be listing my top 30 favorite films of all time. Starting off will be 30 - 21, then 20 - 11, and finally 10 - 1. The next review will be "The Jungle Book" with singing Bill Murray bear.

ps guys please be civil about your opinions, we can discuss this without name calling or raging. This was just my opinion on the film and we can all have different opinions.


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