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Now that is a Villain
Now that is a Villain

To say that Negan's entrance on The Walking Dead has been hotly anticipated is an understatement. I know one of the big draws for the Season 6 Finale was his entrance, at least for me.

Finally after two seasons of waiting, his entrance was hinted at way back in Season 5, I get to see him.

I will tell you that Jefferey Dean Morgan did an excellent job in the role. I haven't read the comics but I do listen to the comic nerds talk, so I know he is the biggest bad of the series.

Negan, as played by Morgan, showed that he was something to be feared. Unlike the Governor, I immediately felt a real threat from this person. Yes, I was chuckling at some of Negan's wording but then I quickly went back to shivering.

If his entrance is anything to go by, Negan is going to be a villain on the show that I actually respect.

Promo Picture for The Walking Dead
Promo Picture for The Walking Dead

The First Person Point of View (POV) shot at the end was to die for. It doesn't just happen when Negan kills you/a beloved character, but as he's choosing. That became much more obvious the more times I watched the finale.

This creates a new level of fear. Now it isn't just you worrying about which character is leaving The Walking Dead, but your own life is on the line.

Is Negan going to choose you? Are these your last moments on Earth?

And being temporarily inserted into the show fits. While I am just a humble fan, I live in the world of the show. I feel like I know these characters and being there when Rick Grimes is broken is heartbreaking. Knowing he cares that I die is oddly uplifting somehow.

Negan Knows He is Awesome
Negan Knows He is Awesome

I watched the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead four times purely for the ending shot. Purely to feel that fear it brought me.

I tend to only watch an episode of the show once and maybe twice if I see it on a marathon. But this episode had such a good build up and payoff that it was more than worth it.

I agree that the story of Rick Grimes being brought down to size was reason enough for the cliffhanger (my full thoughts will be posted on MY BLOG as it would take up too much of this article to explain).

Glenn and Lucille Say Hi
Glenn and Lucille Say Hi

Now I am going to spend endless nights waiting until Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC. Yes, I will have Fear the Walking Dead to help me, but the spin-off won't exactly tells me who died.

My bets are on Abraham, Eugene, Aaron, or Glenn.

Who do you think died?

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