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Hello! I would like to take a minute of your time. My younger brother is on a mission. You see. I was working as a caregiver and saving money to bring my best friend and my two god babies over for my birthday this year. I have only met one of them and I haven't seen my best friend and god daughter in years. On one of my days off I was helping my sick mother clean the house when I broke my ankle. Due to this I cannot work for the next six months. I had to call off seeing these three. My little brother decided he wasn't going to let that happen. So he decided he wanted to raise the money to bring them over here to see me for a couple of weeks! We first thought of a go fund me page and put one together. We didn't understand how many people would actually be insulted by this. We have been contacted and called many horrible things. Sadly my little brother has lost hope and now feels like HE let me down. So here starts MY mission. I am trying to save up money to finish his brilliant heartfelt plan in his name. Restoring his self confidence. I am trying to post the link for our go fund me page everywhere that I get permission to do so in hopes that someone somewhere will see it and decide to help. If you have made it this far chances are you're thinking about a few things so let me give you one last thought before you reach the link. What would you do to help a little boy make his sister have the best day ever? He wants me to be proud and I couldn't be more proud than I am.

Thank you for your time and thoughts :)

This is the photo he wanted to use for the go fund me so this is the photo being used
This is the photo he wanted to use for the go fund me so this is the photo being used

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