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Spoilers for Arrow and Flash will follow!

Arrow and The Flash executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed earlier today that Katie Cassidy will appear on The Flash later on this season, but with a twist. Cassidy will not be portraying Laurel Lance, but rather the Black Siren of Earth-2!

In the Flarrowverse, The Black Siren is now the Earth 2 counter part of The Black Canary. In the current comic canon, Black Siren is the Golden Age version of Black Canary, and a member of the Justice Guild of America.

While this may just be fan service, why would The Flash introduce Black Siren so close to the end of the season? Turns out she may have a much greater role than expected!

Will Black Siren fix the Black Canary problem?

It's no secret that Laurel Lance has been greatly misused on Arrow. While the character has had some vast improvements over the past season, there is no denying that Arrow can't make Laurel a comic faithful Black Canary. She has to use a technological necklace to use the Canary Cry, she is an okay fighter and her romance with Oliver has been thrown aside for Felicity. Could Black Siren right all of Arrow's wrong's?

With Laurel all but confirmed to be in the grave, I believe Black Siren will travel to Earth Prime with Barry, who will introduce her to Team Arrow and will take up the mantel of Black Canary. That way we have a Canary with a metahuman cry, a true fighter and now there is no complicated relationship to keep Arrow from stopping Green Arrow and Black Canary being together on the show. Also lets face it, Olicity had it's run, but that looks like it's over now!

Do you hope to see Black Siren become Black Canary? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I'll get back to you!


Will Black Siren become Black Canary?


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