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Chris Hardwick has often said he's got a tough job hosting 'Talking Dead', since his is the face people see after every 'The Walking Dead' episode. He also describes himself as a "zombie therapist" for AMC, because his show offers a means for fans to work through what's happened on 'The Walking Dead'.

After last night's season 6 finale - and after the explanations Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple offered fans on 'Talking Dead' - Chris took it upon himself to extend the debate and "continue to council" the fans.

On his facebook page, Hardwick went on a live streaming where he answered some questions and replied to comments made by some very frustrated fans. At some point, he got so angry at the negative critiques 'The Walking Dead' finale was getting, that he set off one too many f-bombs - certainly more than we got from Negan on the show.

He does offer us some inside perspective on the finale's main points, though. He confirms that the soldiers who help Carol and Morgan are, in fact, Kingdom soldiers when he says "if you read the comics, you know who they are".

On the Negan x Rick standoff, he adds that "Negan takes Rick's power away" and that, the way that scene was played out "made it more about Negan" than about who got Lucilled. Hardwick eliminates any doubt - if there was ever any - whether someone has died or not:

"Someone is definitely dead. We just don't know who it is."
"I do give a shit!" -Hardwick on Facebook live chat
"I do give a shit!" -Hardwick on Facebook live chat

But the thing everyone - including Chris himself - really needed to vent about was the cliffhanger the producers decided to end in. When a comment claimed the cliffhanger made for bad writing, Hardwick went on defensive mode and strongly denied it, saying that it was actually "exceptional storytelling".

He guaranteed that all this unknowing would "pay off later", since "some deaths really serve the story". "The producers", he said, "are not fucking with the audience" and he challenged the rioters to explain how knowing who died this episode would really change things for the viewers.

The streaming ended in a calmer and more collected note, with Chris Hardwick sharing his prediction that "it's Glenn" who gets the bat and how he dreads having to host 'Talking Dead' the day Daryl eventually dies.

"I'm not gonna go to work that day."

It was a thirty-minute chat that helped fans unwind after the finale, but went some way into feeding the first round of speculations we'll see for the next six to seven months. Hardwick did say though that the "episode 1 of season 7 will be excellent". He would know,right?


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