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The latest episode of The Walking Dead was full of suspense, especially on the last scene, where Negan is about to choose which member will die. When Negan killed that member of the group, the perspective changed into a first person view of the character whom was killed. Therefore, we don't know which character died. But I think I know who that character was. The members were forced to kneel down making a row, Negan sang the "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" song to pick the unlucky member who would die. But who was it? I think i know who that was.

There is one shot where you can see the spot where each member is:

  • -Eugene
  • -Carl
  • -Aaron
  • -Sasha
  • -Rick
  • -Maggie
  • -Abraham
  • -Michone
  • -Daryl
  • -Rosita
  • -Glenn

So, now you know where every character is. But who died? Negan sang the song like this:

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Catch, A tiger, by, it's toe, if, it hollers, let him go, my mother, told me, to pick, the very, best, one, and you, are, it."

If you sing the song the way Negan did, and then you follow the order of the members of the group, this is what happens:

  • Eugene: Eeny
  • Carl: Meeny
  • Aaron Miny
  • Sasha Moe
  • Rick: Catch
  • Maggie: A tiger
  • Abraham: By
  • Michone: It's toe
  • Daryl: If
  • Rosita: He hollers
  • Glenn: Let him go.
  • Rosita: My mother
  • Daryl: Told me
  • Michone: To pick
  • Abraham: The very
  • Maggie: Best
  • Rick: One
  • Sasha: And you
  • Aaron: Are
  • Carl: It.

So, that pretty much confirms that Carl died. It makes sense. Here's why:

They hinted Carl's death at least TWICE in the episode.

The first time was when Carl locken Enid (Enith?)... That girl in the closet and she asked him "what happens if you don't come back?"

The second time was when Rick was discussing with this fella:

Trevor Phillips, is that you?
Trevor Phillips, is that you?

This guy told Rick: "What if this is the last day on earth for you? Or someone you love?"

Who does Rick love? His son, Michone, Judith (who is completely safe in Alexandria)

It's the most reasonable choice!

Killing Carl is probably the best decision for many reasons.

Here's why:

1) No one expects it to happen, everyone is too busy talking about how Daryl or Glenn will die. So it would be too obvious to kill one of them.

2) People say Daryl should be killed because it would shock the audience, but killing a kid is pretty shocking too! And it's not just about how much the death of a character will shock the audience, it's also about the impact it will make on the characters. Killing Carl can shock the audience AND the characters. How much will that affect Rick? What about Maggie, she'll be sacred the same thing could happen to her baby! What about Enid? And Michone? This affects MANY members.


Do you think Coral died?


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