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Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo...
Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo...

Warning: Spoilers Not Far

Hey everybody, if you're like me, you were disappointed with the direction amc took last night with the finale of The Walking Dead. If you have not watched episode 6x16 "Last Day On Earth, do not read this article. Watch the episode for yourself first. However, you may have gotten word about the ending last night. Last nights episode was a good episode, I'll give amc that, but it wasn't the most grand season finale they could've done. On a whole I'll give the expisode a 7.9/10 (points deducted for the cliff hanger) All in all, it was an intense episode. I like the cat and mouse game that Rick and The Survivors played with The Saviors. I feel like this episode demonstrated very well the capabilities that The Saviors have. Compared to Rick's Gang, The Saviors have the numbers, and in this episode we see they have the equipment and the smarts to bait Rick and The Gang into a trap.

The scene I loved last night was when The Saviors finally lured Rick into their trap. I loved the ominous whistling The Saviours made and it gave the episode a real horror movie feel to it. I love when Rick got captured, how his reality he built had shattered before his eyes. Andy Lincoln in this episode had some phenomenal acting, and I could feel the fear in his face. Of course you all are waiting for me to quit recapping and get to THAT scene; the scene where our beloved foul-mouthed, gore-loving, head-bashing villain, Negan, was introduced.

The entire second half of this season was building up to this moment. For those who have not read the comic but are planning to, beware, there are spoilers ahead. The moment everyone is talking about is the infamous moment from issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic book where Negan ambushes Rick on the road. Negan explains to Rick that Rick had killed his men and that he wanted retribution and that the Alexandrians could not go unpunished. To choose who he kills, Negan plays the most R-rated game of Eeny Meeny, Miny, Mo in history with his baseball bat, Lucille. Glenn is the one who is chosen to be killed as punishment. Negan then proceeds to beat Glenn's head to pulp.

In this scene in the TV show, we got a scene that was almost straight from the comic (minus the F-bombs and Negan's sexual innuendos) Negan plays his game of Eeny Meeny Miny Mo to figure out who he kills. And this scene was very intense, as the Eeny Meeny Miny Mo sequence lasted for over a minute, making this a very suspenseful conclusion to Season 6. Finally, Negan picks somebody to kill, but we don't get to see who!!! The episode ended with a first person view from the perspective of the person being killed, and then the screen went black, concluding the finale scene in Season 6.

Catch a tiger by its toe
Catch a tiger by its toe

As a fan I am disappointed in amc for putting us through a seven month wait to find out which member of The Walking Dead family meets their untimely fate. But from a business standpoint, I can see where they are coming from. The ratings have recently slipped slightly, with a lot of casual viewers leaving, and many people getting rid of cable, and in turn streaming TWD on a streaming service. The producers do care and don't want the show to be cancelled due to bad ratings, and they want people to watch their content that they put so much effort into. And I believe they care about their fan base and do not want to let us down by having the show end. But either way, I don't know if I can survive until October.

But here is the big question everyone is asking, that we will need to wait until October to find out. Who. The. Hell. Got. Lucilled?! For a start, people have already pointed out several clues. One theory is that the person who died, has short hair that isn't in their face, as the first person view showed no hair in the camera, which if this theory is valid, eliminates Daryl, Rick, Maggie, Rosita and Michonne immediately. This next theory I found a little bit humorous but brings up a very true point, whether it was serious or not, but we know it wasn't Carl or else half the screen would've been black, as Carl only had one good eye. For a long time I thought it was going to be Daryl, as there was several pieces of possible forshadowing, Daryl got a lot of time in the spotlight this season, and Norman Reedus is getting his own reality show on amc.

However I do not believe it is Daryl Dixon's time yet, as I think has a bigger part to play in the war to come (catch that GoT reference there?) and I think he has bigger parts to play with Dwight. In turn I believe it will either be Glenn or good ole Abe, as they both have had a lot of time on screen this season. Who knows, maybe they'll just go the same route they did with the comic and kill Glenn after all, but I want to believe it'll be someone else!! I want the shock factor, so I believe it'll be Abraham, as seldom to characters meet the same fate they met in the comic. And being a big Abraham fan, I will mourn his loss.

If it hollers, let it go
If it hollers, let it go

Who do you guys think died? Tell me your thoughts on it and why. As TWD fans we all need to stick together within these 7 months to figure out who got Lucilled. Let's speculate shall we?


Who Got Lucilled?

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