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For decades Studio Ghibli has been bringing joy, laughter and sometimes even the occasional tear into the homes of fans around the world. Regardless of your age or race, anyone can sit down and enjoy one of their films;each one has at least one thing everyone can relate to.

If you've watched one Studio Ghibli film - although it's pretty much impossible to just watch one - you know how wonderful they are. Hayao Miyazaki is capable of making us love anything and everything when it comes to his movies.

But hasn't there been a time were you wished one of the films had a TV series? Many Studio Ghibli films would make amazing TV shows and I know for sure you guys would sit down every time to tune in. Well, after putting in some hours of deliberation, I came up with this with list. From Howl's Moving Castle to The Cat Return, check out these 5 Studio Ghibli films that need TV adaptions!

[Films are in no particular order.]

1. Ponyo

I remember the first time I watched Ponyo, it was years ago and I didn't think I would like. My mom told me to get it, so I did and it was best decision I ever made, it has such a great story, fun loveable characters and is just a all around great film.

But enough about why I love this film, the reason I say it will make a great TV series, is because each episode can show the daily life of Ponyo and Sosuke. The show can explore deeper into Ponyo's home life, show what it's like being goldfish princess and come on, who wouldn't watch that little face every week? No one can say no to her.

2. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is my second favorite Studio Ghibli film, everything about is so original and beautiful. Making this a TV show would make everything in my life right, I would even be alright with the makers aging her up. Or maybe even did a few episodes about NoFace and what life experiences he had - I don't how old he is but I'm guessing he's not young.

Either way they did it, Spirited Away would make a wonderful TV series. Even folks who aren't that customed to the movie could follow along, it would be a really fun show to sit down and watch with family, friends or if your like me your pet.

3. Arrietty

After watching this film I felt like there should have been a sequel of some type. I really wondered what Arrietty did after she moved with her family, so in the TV show they could show what they did on that particular adventure or even have her come back to visit Sho and then take him back to her new house.

There are many things that could from the TV series, maybe introduce more borrowers and their families. The possibilities are endless, all they have to do is make it happen, but this is all wishful thinking so all I can do is keep wishing.

4. My Neighbor Totoro

You guys know I couldn't make a list and not put My neighbor Totoro in - that would be like having a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips! Nothing would make better TV series than this film. I've watched the film about 10 times and I could watch it again, with a TV series we could see more of Mei and Catbus or they could show where the dust sprites go when they can't been seen.

I don't care what story they put into the episodes I would tune in everytime just watch Totoro roll around and sleep. I love everything about the story and characters, it's my biggest wish for this film to get a TV adaption.

5. Howl's Moving Castle

Now with Howl's Moving Castle, I don't think 30-minute episodes would work well here. Don't get me wrong, I loved the film just like I love any other Studio Ghibli movie, it's just the story is already told so well in the film, that spending to much time on one episode would get a little tiring.

But if they took the same route as Adventure time and did a short type of series it would be gold. Each episode could focus on one character or maybe on a character they really didn't spend much time on in the film. Again either way they swung it I would still check it because it's bound to be amazing.

Would you watch a Studio Ghibli TV series? Would you like it better if they just wrote a series rather than adapt one of their films? Let me know in the comments! thanks for stopping and reading my article, follow for more!


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