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One of the other anticipated movies of 2016, which surprisingly didn't fall under the "Superhero" category was the third installment of 'the-ever-so-popular' Kung Fu Panda Franchise.

Though 'Kung Fu Panda 3' was in the making right after the previous installment had hit the screens, but it is now that we finally get to watch it. I would start off by saying that I did enjoy it and it was thoroughly entertaining. Though it's not quite in the ranks of it's two predecessors, it does not disappoint.

Well we're in an era, where it's quite clear that animation movies are not necessarily only for "kidos".

With the recent likes of 'Frozen', 'Inside Out' and the quite recent 'Zootopia', Disney has clearly shown that animation movies can completely be in the adult realm without actually having to lose it's 'kid-factor'.

The one fundamental component that these movies had in common and literally was the mainstay of these movies was it's writing.

The writers' carried out their job with such finese that the infamous term 'plothole' didn't find any base.

But that's not the case in 'Kung Fu Panda 3'!

I'm not sure if it was a result of lazy writing or the product of lack of determination, there was a huge plothole in 'KFP 3' that actually altered my whole peception. So here it is:

So quite in the beginning of the movie, after Po and his father's reunion, Po's father (Li) proudly states that he is coming from a secret Panda village, which quite obviously means that no damn person knows the whereabouts of the secret village.

Then eventually Li takes Po and Ping to the village, and Po himself didn't know where the village was, so there was no possible way that Po could have said the whereabouts of the village to Tigress, and since there was no much words exchanged between Li and Tigress there was no way Tigress could have known where the village was.

But after Kai attacks the Jade Palace, Tigress conveniently finds out The Secret Panda Village just in time to inform Po and the other Pandas' that Kai was coming for them. This was not at all possible and was a result of extremely lazy writing. If Tigress would have not been able to find out the village then Kai would have easily dealt with the pandas' and things would have turned out quite different, but this plothole conveniently works out in favour of the Pandas'.

This is simply one of the biggest plotholes I've ever seen in a movie.

But if you don't mind this heck of a plothole and if you're quite okay with an overly melodramatic climax, then you'll surely love this movie.

Have you watched 'King Fu Panda 3'? What is your opinion about it?


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