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Melissa McCarthy grabbed Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battle with both hands and absolutely devoured it during Monday's Tonight Show, ensuring there is no dispute that she really is The Boss.

After exploding into the spotlight with a suitably bombastic rendition of DMX's "X Gonna Give It to Ya," McCarthy channelled her inner Disney Princess as she was literally pelted with the "Colors Of The Wind," and an otter and a heron for good measure.

Check out the best bits of Melissa's madcap melodies in the GIF breakdown below:

Meliss' Gonna Give It To Ya!

Dat flow doe!

The Majesty Of The Wind

For a while it was all looking suitably cinematic...

I'm Not Sure Friends Should Treat You Like That, Hun...

...Until the freakin' heron and the otter came along and ruined the polished Disney vibes in the best way possible!

The Show Must Go On

Ever the professional, Melissa isn't going to let little things like having a mouth full of leaves or a wolf to the face shut her down!


Blind passion.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how damn good McCarthy is looking right now. !

Check out the full performance in all its glory in the video below and learn what Jimmy Fallon's most formidable opponent yet looks like.

Who gave your favorite Lip Sync Battle performance so far?

(Source: People)


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