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EPISODE ONE: "ANNIVERSARY" - During the anniversary of his father's death, Terry McGinnis recalls the events surrounding his father's murder. Bruce Wayne tries to keep Terry level-headed when Batman is called to rescue hostages from a pack of Jokerz.

In the year 2041 Bruce Wayne now mentors the new Batman, Terry McGinnis. While defending the people of Neo-Gotham from its most vicious villains, Terry struggles to maintain relationships with his family, friends and girlfriend Dana.

Amid the current outbreak of crime in Neo-Gotham due to rival gangs, The Jokerz and The T’s, Batman battles the likes of serial arsonist, Mad Stan and the master of mind-control, Spellbinder. Meanwhile, the sinister shape shifter known only as Inque plays a pivotal role in a secret plan that could render Neo-Gotham to ashes!

Batman Beyond vs The Jokerz
Batman Beyond vs The Jokerz

"BATMAN BEYOND: The Series" is a fan-made, non profit, live action, film broken down into an eight episode web series.

Batman Beyond and all characters within are the intellectual property of DC and Warner Brothers.


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