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(WARNING: If you haven't yet read "Batman: The Killing Joke" in comic book form and want to experience the upcoming animated movie free from SPOILERS, then the following can be considered fairly SPOILER-ific. On the other hand, If you've already read the comic book version — or simply don't mind finding out some plot details — then you're all good...)

Now, when it comes to iconic (and deeply emotionally troubling) Batman stories, there's really no beating Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. Sure, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is similarly beloved, but where Miller's tale is defiantly out of continuity, Moore's has long since been incorporated — in its own fashion — into DC's comic book canon, arguably giving it the edge.

What's more, The Killing Joke is now finally set to get its own animated movie — just like The Dark Knight Returns before it — and as it turns out...

The Newly Released Sneak Peek at 'The Killing Joke' Reveals A Whole Lot of Iconic Comic Book Moments

Now, you can of course watch them for yourself in the sneak peek itself — right above this sentence — but if you're not in the mood for a full 10-minute preview of the animated adventure (fresh from the Justice League Vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray release) then you can always head right down the page, where we'll be taking a look at 10 classic comic book moments that look to have made it into the movie.

First up?

The Batman Arrives At Arkham

Because of course he does.

9. Batgirl Is Totally Getting Screen Time

In an appropriately old-school costume, no less. Unfortunately...

8. The Joker is Still Going To Pull THAT Trigger

Though, in fairness, if he didn't, you'd be able to hear the screams of hardcore fans of the comic book from outer space.

7. Commisioner Gordon Is Definitely Making It Into His Cage

Which, in turn, makes it distinctly unsurprising that we're going to see a certain horrifying scene. After all...

6. Commisioner Gordon Is Clearly Going To Be Forced To Watch THAT Scene

Y'know the one.

5. Yup, THAT Scene

Which, from the looks of it, might have been toned down a little for the animated movie — though there's always the possibility that it'll be retroactively rated R before release. Meanwhile...

4. We're Going To Get To See Unsuccessful Stand-Up Comedian Joker...

In traditional black and white, no less.

3. ...As Well As The Red Hood

Which, y'know, we were fully expecting to and everything, but even so. What's more...

2. The Hat Is Back, Too

Which is always a bad sign for our heroes. And, finally?

1. THAT Iconic Image Has Made It Into The Movie, It Seems

Ah, the man who laughs...

You can check out even more stills from the video right here, but in the meantime...

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