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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Over the 10 years that Friends was on the air, Rachel Green became something of an icon. Guys wanted to date her, girls wanted to be her and, well, guys wanted to date her some more. From Barry and Joey to Paolo and Tag, Rachel's love life provided a lot of entertainment for us throughout the seasons, fueled right from the very beginning by the underlying "will they, won't they?" scenario with Ross.

As we all know, our favorite on-off couple were quite clearly left on when the show drew to a close, but was Ross really Rachel's soulmate? We're putting all of Ray Ray's romantic conquests on the line in order to measure up who was most worthy of running their fingers through that glorious golden hair. Find your favorite below.

1. Chip

Role in Rachel's life: High school boyfriend.

The bad stuff: Had sex with someone else at prom, dropped Rachel for Monica, works part-time at the movie theater, lives with his parents, can't drive, his name is Chip.

The good stuff: He's cute.

Worthiness rating: 1/10

2. Barry

Role in Rachel's life: Sleazy orthodontist who she left at the altar.

The bad stuff: Cheated on Rachel with her BFF Mindy when they were engaged and then again when they hooked up post-wedding, less sexy than a gravy boat.

The good stuff: Pretty demanding job so he wouldn't be around much.

Worthiness rating: 0/10

3. Paolo

Role in Rachel's life: Creepy Italian guy she meets during a blackout, probably a rebound after Barry.

The bad stuff: Felt up Phoebe, major language barrier.

The good stuff: Served his purpose as post-marriage breakup foreign fun and sexy time.

Worthiness rating: 5/10

4. Ross

Role in Rachel's life: Best friend's brother and ultimate on-off lover.

The bad stuff: The whole "we were on a break" thing, he didn't tell Rachel they were still married, insanely jealous of Mark, cared more about himself than Rachel's career, too much hair gel.

The good stuff: Has loved her since they were teenagers, they've had sex at least 298 times, they have a baby together, their first date at the museum, his imagined proposal, gave up his TV spot to take her to the hospital, went with her when her dad had a heart attack, always supports her when she really needs it.

Worthiness rating: 9/10

5. Joshua

Role in Rachel's life: Personal shopping client at Bloomingdales.

The bad stuff: Total rebound, oblivious to Rachel's obvious advances (come on, was he stupid?).

The good stuff: Seemed like a genuine guy, although a little boring.

Worthiness rating: 5/10

6. Danny

Role in Rachel's life: Crazy neighbor.

The bad stuff: "Crazy-eyed hairy beast man," gets down and dirty with his sister, Rachel had to fake a gala to get his attention.

The good stuff: he's super cute without all the hair.

Worthiness rating: 4/10

7. Paul

Role in Rachel's life: Ross's girlfriend's dad.

The bad stuff: The simple fact he was Ross's girlfriend's dad at the time was just plain weird), definitely has some emotional issues.

The good stuff: He's gorgeous, he's a doctor, super sweet, "just a love machine," a "neat guy," Bruce freaking Willis.

Worthiness rating: 7/10

8. Tag

Role in Rachel's life: Assistant at Ralph Lauren.

The bad stuff: Just too young, could potentially beat Rachel in a hair contest.

The good stuff: Sweet, kind, caring, totally adorable.

Worthiness rating: 7/10

9. Gavin

Role in Rachel's life: Took over her job at Ralph Lauren while she was on maternity leave.

The bad stuff: Arrogant, a little smarmy, sort of tried to take a job from a woman on maternity leave.

The good stuff: He took care of Emma so Rachel could go to her meeting, gave her a scarf she actually liked for her birthday, brought her chicken soup when he thought she was sick, wore his heart on his sleeve, had incredible chemistry with Rachel and called her out on her shit, took a step back when he realized she still needed to sort things out with Ross.

Worthiness rating: 8/10

10. Joey

Role in Rachel's life: Best friend and brief lover.

The bad stuff: Kind of questioned the validity of their friendship, Ross did not cope well.

The good stuff: Would do absolutely anything for Rachel, offered to marry her when he found out she was pregnant, they're totally on the same page.

Worthiness rating: 8/10 (would totally have been a 9 if it weren't for the awkward sex.)

So, all things considered, Ross really does come out triumphant. Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. These two just fit.

Who do you think Rachel should have ended up with?


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