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Now, while there's a whole lot to love about Daredevil Season 2 (Elektra! Ninjas! Courtroom Drama!), it seems that one star managed to shine just a little more brightly than all the rest. With pretty much every review of the show highlighting his imminent Emmy prospects - not to mention the general excellence of his performance - it seems fair to say that Jon Bernthal's Frank 'The Punisher' Castle was the season's critical darling, a response that seems to have extended to the vast majority of fans, too. Which, seeing as he was indeed absolutely terrific in the role, makes a whole lot of sense.

The only problem now? There are currently no official plans to bring Bernthal's Punisher back for a solo series - something that many devotees of the bloody anti-hero are not too thrilled about. Which is why...

A Devoted Punisher Fan Has Started a Petition To Get The Hero His Own Solo Netflix Series

Specifically, user Alex Rambo has created a petition right here, with the stated aim of persuading Netflix to commission a solo series for Frank. The pitch?

"I and many Marvel fans would love nothing more than to have a Jon Bernthal Punisher series on Netflix. Netflix, you showed us that you can and WILL make The Punisher great. We as an audience have adored Jon in this role WAY further than you expected. You created him and now we feel you must continue to show how incredible he is/you are. We understand your time constraints and we understand the nature of Hollywood. All we ask is that you greenlight a Punisher series. We do not wish to mess with your current timetable we know is planned. We just wish to hear the confirmation of a series that is WELL BEYOND DESERVED."

Now, it's worth noting that Marvel Television has arguably just as big a say in the commissioning of a Punisher series (seeing as they'd be the folks who'd actually have to make it), making the whole process a little more complicated than the above sales pitch suggests, but that shouldn't in any way take away from the inherent nobility and well-intentioned nature of the cause. After all, who doesn't want to see more Marvel series on Netflix?

The petition has already racked up a little under 2,500 signatures at time of writing this here sentence, a total that you can, if so inclined, add your name to right here.

In the meantime, though...

What do YOU think?


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