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As per usual i'll start by wishing you all a very happy Friday. May your weekend be relaxed and a lot of fun, preferably with blue skies and lots of sunshine. We've had another fantastic week at with lots of new Creators joining the platform and building their brand. It's time to highlight 10 of the best posts, and boy have I got a solid list for you this week. From stunning fan art to crazy fan theories for The Walking Dead, be sure to check out the following list of awesomeness.

This Insanely Hilarious Comedy Sketch of BvS Premiers Will Get You Off Your Seats! BY KingsOfTattiyapa

It doesn't matter whether you hated it or loved it but Batman v Superman has been a conversation starter since the day it was released. The awesome guys from Kings of Tattiyapa have created a hilarious sketch that every Batman v Superman fan will be able to relate too. Which one of their reactions matched yours the most? Are you the critic, the fan or the general public. Be sure to check out their video and to show these awesome guys some well-deserved love.

How Wonder Woman Changed Me As A Guy BY Adrian Varnavas Diakidis

Wonder Woman is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and Creator Adrian Varnavas Diakidis knows it too. She's both one of our favorite female superheroes and she's been a feminist icon since the 1940s. What's not to like? So why is it that boys are often "taught" to like Batman instead of Wonder Woman? What's wrong with being a fan of this awesome superhero, and why does it sometimes lead to gender based bullying? I'd encourage you all to check out Adrian's extremely interesting article. We could all learn a thing or two from it.

Suck it, Edison! There's a New Film about Inventor NIKOLA TESLA BY Barbara Norman

"Edison may have stolen the Kinetoscope, but it is his rival Nikola Tesla who is stealing the spotlight in a new film about one of history's most ambitious experiments for humanity." Tower to the People (which is a great name, by the way) "tells the little-known story of Tesla's dream to provide free wireless energy to the world using a strange, massive tower built on the east end of Long Island, NY." That sounds pretty damn interesting if you ask me. Want to know more about this documentary? Head right on over to Barbara Norman's article.

Why "Twilight of The Apprentice"Is One Of The Best Pieces of Lore in Star Wars BY Jarvis Reddick

The second season finale of "Star Wars: Rebels" recently aired and according to new Creator Jarvis Reddick it was probably one of the best the show has seen thus far. He even goes as far as to say "it might also rank highly on some of the best pieces of Star Wars entertainment [he has] indulged in." What did you guys think? Are you a fan of the series? For a recap on what happened and why you'll want to check out Twilight of The Apprentice, head right on over to Jarvis' interesting post.

Who Died In Last Night's Episode of TWD? BY Ryan Kent

Easy there, Rick. We don't know whether you're alive or dead just yet. Okay, so perhaps this gif isn't exactly how fans felt after watching last week's season finale of The Walking Dead but hey, Negan was pretty badass. Right? The bad news is that we'll have to wait until October to find out who bites the dust. The good news? Fans will have a solid 6-7 months to speculate who met Lucille. Was it Glenn, or maybe Carl, or should we be preparing for Daryl's departure? Be sure to check out Creator Ryan Kent's article to find out who he thinks won't be returning for season 7.

One Man Unveils the Power of Dreams in this Epic Anime Series 'DAETRIX AMALGAMATION' BY Jade Rocket Promo

Are you looking for a new and exciting project to support? I have got just the one for you. Dae Delong, better known as DAETRIX, is a restless hard working artist and music producer from Chicago who is re-animating his most epic dreams into a suspenseful sci-fi anime series entitled DAETRIX AMALGAMATION. I've just watched the trailer and it looks absolutely fantastic. Be sure to check out this post for a nice introduction to the project, and don't forget to support it on Patreon if you like what you see. Let's help make this anime series happen!

The Joker Brand BY Roar Spectrum

What do you get when you combine fantastic fan art with a game? The Joker Brand. New Creator Roar Spectrum has hidden 8 famous logos within Batman's arch nemesis The Joker and it is YOUR job to find them all. There are some hints, just incase you are afraid you won't find them all, but I do recommend you try without looking at those first. Aside from it being a fun game, Roar Spectrum's art is pretty damn awesome too. Don't forget to let us know how many logos you found.

Devil's Advocate: Defending The Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead BY Thom Compton

Too bad Negan doesn't feel the same way. I love me some The Walking Dead but I'm sure I was the only one who expected a little bit more from the season finale. That said, it was still an enjoyable episode and perhaps we're all just being too harsh. New Creator Thom Compton is here to tell all us why we should still be VERY excited for the return of one television's most talked about shows. I'd encourage you to check out his article, and don't forget to weigh in on the matter in the comments.

How The CW Will Force Me To Have The LGBT Talk With My Children BY Marcus McBaller

From the internet to television, to movies and music; kids are exposed to a whole bunch of things nowadays. That, as a parent, can be a challenge at timea and it might force you to have certain conversations with your kids a little earlier then you had initially hoped or planned for. New Creator Marcus McBaller has written an honest piece about how television shows, like Arrow and The Flash, have forced him to have certain talks with his kids. This piece was a real pleasure to read and Marcus sets an example to all the other parents out there.

The Return of Yoda? Report: Frank Oz Traveling to Star Wars Episode 8 Set in UK. BY Andrew DeLeon

Rumor has it Frank Oz, also known as Master Yoda, is back for another Star Wars movie. "The return of several force ghost characters has been a topic of much discussion among fans following the tidbits of news surrounding the next saga film", and this also hasn't been the first time Frank Oz has been mentioned. Check out new Creator Andrew DeLeon's post for the latest news on the matter and be sure to tell him which force ghost YOU'd like to see in Episode 8.

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