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Well I'm not going to start with a big SPOILERS GALORE, DO NOT READ IF YOU STILL ARE ONE OF THE FEW WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET. I'm not going to give any crazy recap of what is sure to be one of TV's most intense season finale's, and most anger-inducing cliffhangers. I'm not going to mention how the crew felt helpless as they searched for new exit, and new route, and new freedom, while THE SAVIORS blocked them at every turn. I'm not going to talk about the impressive and powerful entrance the great Jeffrey Dean Morgan made as the now infamous NEGAN. And I'm DEFINITELY not going to talk about the fear in 11 of our favorite cast member's faces as Negan so pompously chose one of their's ultimate heck, I DID just do that didn't I? Can't help it I guess, this episode is the talk of the country. So without further ado, let's dissect the very little bit we can and mention the even fewer clues in the episode, that Robert Kirkman referenced to on the after show....

I'm going to start what I feel is a pretty obvious hint, Negan himself saying "anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father..." Besides the obvious that this is the story of Rick Grimes and his son, we see that Negan figures out Carl is Rick's son. Well if he's about to massacre someone with the ever fearsome LUCILLE, why is a threat to cut someone's eye out, OR feed it to them, even necessary? So that eliminates the 2 of them. But watch that scene over again. In what I'm sure is just a force of habit and not in the script, Dean Morgan ever so slightly gestures to his right when he says that line, insinuating that Carl is to his right. So if that is the case, then technically, Carl and anyone to his left, is safe. But since we've established that Rick is safe, I'm wiling to bet that since Rick is safe, and since his son is to his left, anyone to RICK'S left is safe. So where does that leave us?

Well the setup was, from the extreme left if YOU were standing behind the captives; Eugene, Carl, Aaron, Sahsa, Rick, MAGGIE, ABRAHAM, MICHONNE, DARYL, ROSITA, and GLENN. Now we have to break down the BIG 6 from Rick's right and beyond. This is just this writer's opinion, but I think that I present some good arguments.

Maggie---Negan already threatened her, and Glen lost his mind. That's something he ALWAYS does. He threw himself into a huge herd in the Alexandria Walker Attack, and then backed himself into a wall in order to help Maggie flee. There's nothing he wouldn't do for her. So while Negan already threatened to shut down anyone who throws an outburst like that, you do NOT hear Glenn go berserk when Negan finally strikes. Plus, I simply cannot imagine seeing a MAN beat to DEATH, a woman, let alone a pregnant one (we do not know that she lost the baby FOR CERTAIN yet). We also hear some women scream in fear at the end as well. Since it could technically be any of the women, I'm going to go further and say it's ALL of the women screaming, or at least a woman directly next to whomever is getting beaten to death, as they're RIGHT next to the viciousness.

Abraham---he is my first possible victim. He's beginning to get a big following/fan base, he said some heartfelt "goodbyes" to team members, Eugene, etc., and made it clear he wants a new life, with Sasha. Wanting good things to happen, having hope, being a moral compass...these are all virtual death sentences in The Walking Dead. But having him indeed say these goodbyes could be the swerve Gimple and Crew want us to believe; "uh oh, he said goodbye, he's ready. He's going to go." I'm not sure. He is my 2ND Choice for who's on the receiving end.

Michonne---while her recent love with Rick is absolute reason to believe she'll be dead any minute now (what Rick Grimes touches turns to death), I'm going to piggy back my Maggie reason and say, I cannot imagine a WHITE MAN from the somewhat south, would BLUDGEON TO DEATH, a Black Woman on National Television. Maybe on PPV movies or HBO, MAYBE. But not on "free" cable. Plus, she's one of the most dynamic, deep characters on the show, I think they know not keeping her around (she's still around in the comics) is a mistake, and the antithesis of her SURVIVOR character.

Daryl---ah, Daryl...everyone's sweetheart. The "best" character on the show (even though Rick once bit a man's throat out, gutted another from belly button to chin, and stabbed a guy in his jugular in front of an ENTIRE new community, looked around and simply said, "What??", but yeah, go ahead and say DARYL is the best...siiiigh). Daryl, i think you're the victim. Jesus replaces you as the resident bad-ass. You have a new show about motorcycles to focus on....BUT, you simply CANNOT DIE, people WILL RIOT---unless it's by the hands of a big bad, whom you'll still tune in to see GET HIS, week after week. Any other death for Daryl would be silly. It MUST be a death that can be avenged, or people ACTUALLY MIGHT not watch the show anymore. But again...tease the idea that the crew can rally to avenge his death by destroying the man who BASEBALL BAT'd HIM TO DEATH AND LAUGHED ABOUT IT...??? My money is on Daryl Dixon breathing his last breath.

Rosita---see Maggie, see Michonne. It'd also be a cop out to kill such a minor character. Plus, if you read the books, Negan would much rather wifey her than kill her.

Glenn--- still a good choice to get it. But there's 2 things that tell me no, one a "hint," (that I'm SURE i'm looking into too much), and one a thought. When Negan spews his classic limerick, he says "if he HOLLERS, LET HIM GO." The only one besides Rick, (whom we know won't get it), that hollers, is Glenn. He hollered when Negan threatened Maggie, he's let go. Silly, but hey, what's fiction TV for if not dissecting nonsense. But also, the writers chose to make this a cliffhanger. They are letting us know that this is a HUGE deal. Why would they make us wait 6 months to see WHO MET LUCILLE, only to have it be the same guy as in the comics? They've gone to great lengths to NOT do what's exactly in the comics. It would be a sort of, "ho-hum" moment...."oh...Yeah...well...Glen dies in the comic..this sucks...but I figured...." Gimple told us in so many words, THAT is not what they're going for.

So, in the opinion of this rabid fan of both the show and comic's, it was a HUGE mistake, and a complete ripoff, to NOT show us who died, and to NOT give us 6 months to get through the stages of grief...wait, what? That's not what this article is about....yeah, THIS writer's opinion, buckle up fanboys and fangirls--- 2 beloved bad ass's are the most probable victims, Abraham or Daryl....

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and rip me for not knowing what the HELL I'm talking about! That's what the world wound interwebs is for, no???


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