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We'll see the third installment of Bridget Jones this year, and much of it is still shrouded in mystery which gets me very excited. After all, it won't be based on the third book in the Bridget Jones series, Mad About The Boy.

So far, we've only seen the first trailer, it seems promising and bright - just like Bridget's life.

Still single, surprisingly fit, and having unprotected intercourse, what?!

Based on my Bridget Jones book knowledge, these are my predictions for the third movie.

It's Life Before 'Mad About The Boy'

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly


If this film was faithfully or even loosely based on Mad About The Boy, Bridget would already have two children - and nearly five years as a widow. In the third book, Mark Darcy, Bridget's successful Human Rights lawyer husband has been killed, after his vehicle hit a landmine in Sudan. Bridget still struggles, but she doesn't need to work anymore; just be the best mother she can be to her kids. And not send her firstborn to boarding school.

So yes, if a baby is only on its way, one could safely say that this is the untold story of Bridget's life in that long gap between the second and third book.

The baby daddy is ...

Mark Darcy!

I'd be terribly disappointed if he's not. Even the cast doesn't know what the outcome of the film will be. They filmed three different endings to keep it a surprise...

But, even though both Darcy and McDreamy are gorgeous specimens -

Bridget cannot, abso-bloody-lutely not have twins. Well, technically, she can (though that would be rare) and that could be one of the endings too.

In Conclusion, the Result of the Baby Daddy Will Lead Up Nicely to Mad About The Boy

Furthermore, if Mark's the father, it will add up to the third book, and in another couple of years, we can tell the story of Bridget's new love interest, the intelligent and handsome young man Roxster.

Win-win, eh? We'll have a prequel film and then some.

Since the fourth book is yet to be written, we might also see beloved Mark Darcy be resurrected. Ms. Fielding, if you're reading this, resurrect him, please. His body still hasn't been brought back to the UK, anyway!

Bridget Jones's Baby will deliver in US theaters on September 16, 2016.


Who do you think is Bridget's baby daddy?


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