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Fear the Walking Dead had an extremely intense first season. With the incident in the tunnel, and then at the end of the season with the massive horde of the undead raiding that hospital where Nick was being held. It was a roller coaster of suspense followed by more suspense. All in all, it was very suspenseful. But not all that actiony. There was the tunnel sequence when Nick rammed the walker with the truck, and with the neighbour who turned and attacked Alicia when she went back to the house for the shells and a few more after that but that's not a lot, is it?

If you watch The Walking Dead (which you most certainly do), then you know how much action is in each episode. For example, the very first episode of the very first season, Rick was already hacking zombies with the axe. Then when Morgan was sniping the walkers on the street. And when Rick pops a cap into the head of one of his fellow officers behind the fence. So much action, and only in one episode, the very first one for that matter. So why couldn't that have happened in the first season of Fear the Walking Dead?

Well I believe that Fear the Walking Dead is gradually going into the mad world that is the apocalypse. Whereas Rick, he was thrown head on into the apocalypse. One minute he was in a shoot out and got shot. Then what seemed like seconds later, he was stumbling around an abandoned hospital with doors that read "DON'T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE."

The trailers for FTWD looks like it will still be suspenseful, but will it have action? That's what I (and probably a lot of viewers too) want to see. And from the trailers? Oh yes. So much action. Well, a lot more than last season. I think their finally getting into the apocalypse, which is fantastic! Season 1 was a build up, now season 2 will be actually dealing with apocalypse type problems. Like if there's anywhere safe to stay, or if they have enough food. Which from the looks of the boat situation, not good.

'Travis Manawa' played by Cliff Curtis
'Travis Manawa' played by Cliff Curtis

From the looks of Travis, who looks like he just cleared that whole fence full of walkers, he just looks fed up and angry because of that last walker he smashes in the face. He just stands there for a second and looks up to the walker then smashes its face in. And Daniel still has his shotgun, which is cool. and in the trailer it looks like it comes in handy quite often.

From the looks of this trailer, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that this season has a lot more action in it. More walkers, more guns, more killing and more threats. Or friends? We'll have to just wait and see how everything unfolds in Fear the Walking Dead season 2.


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